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POTRAZ slashes VSAT landing rights fees

Zimbabwe’s telecoms regulator, POTRAZ, has scrapped the annual fees for VSAT landing rights from $1,500 to a low $20 for C and Ku Band and $30 for Ka Band.

1 year and 300 schools later, here is the latest on TelOne VSAT

It’s been almost a year since TelOne launched its Ka-Band VSAT service. The telecoms operator’s thinking at the time was to bring in a cheaper VSAT service that would expand its presence in those areas where VSAT makes sense anyway. So far, it looks like the product has scored some successes, judging from the information that […]

New VSAT provider Stargaze, targets rural communities with low prices

As Zimbabwe’s internet industry gets increasingly competitive, a new VSAT internet service provider, Stargaze, has launched services in the country. In his communication to us, Stargaze Managing Director Chris Catto, said they are looking at rural communities as a key growth area for their company.

Gigatel launches new VSAT hub in Zimbabwe

Gigatel, the company we wrote about in September last year when it launched VoIP services, has launched a new V-SAT hub in Zimbabwe. The new hub is a Shiron product and operates on C-Band frequencies. It was supplied and engineered by Gilat Satcom, a global satellite communications provider. The announcement was made through a press release on the Gilat website.