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C-Trade Updating Investor Information

C-Trade has sent out a communication to some of their users that they will be carrying out an update of Investor information: Dear Valued Investor; We are currently carrying out an exercise to update investor information on the C-TRADE platform hence we are kindly requesting for you to submit a certified copy of your ID […]

C-Trade Is The Only AppsAfrica Awards Finalist From Zim, Here’s Full List

The final shortlist for the 5th Innovation Awards have been announced. The Awards celebrate the best in mobile and tech from across Africa with winners announced in Cape Town on November 12th, 2018. The annual Awards attracted over 400 submissions from 52 countries, with solutions launched in African markets by start-ups, established ventures, and corporates. The […]

C-Trade’s Auto Trading Feature Allows You To Buy/Sell Stocks Whilst Offline

We’ve raged on about the convenience offered by C-Trade along with the necessity of such a platform needing to exist. With over 10 000 investors registering in half a year, it’s clear a number of people are interested in the convenience offered by the platform. Adding to this convenience is an auto-trading feature that was […]

C-Trade, The Share Trading Platform And Other Associated Sites Were Hacked

No doubt, digitisation (digital platforms) has immense advantages but we don’t usually mention the risk of unauthorised access that comes with these platforms. Even WhatsApp, which we consider to be very secure, was a victim of hacking last week. Yesterday in the afternoon someone reached out to us through our Tips section telling us that […]

Interview: C-Trade Registered Over 10 000 Accounts Last Year

2018 was an eventful year for C-Trade. C-Trade was launched to much fanfare and having become the first online platform for share trading, C-Trade quickly rose to prominence with over 2000 traders opening accounts in the first fortnight. This is a significant number in that since dollarisation only 7 500 investors had opened accounts. We recently […]

EcoCash’s I-nvesta Platform Allows Users To Trade Shares On C-Trade Through EcoCash

If you open EcoCash’s menu there’s a lot that may pass you by because we often use a few particular functions. One such feature that has been there for a long time and we constantly missed was the EcoCash I-nvesta menu. I-nvesta is (and has been for quite a long time) available on the EcoCash […]

SECZ Conducting User Experience Survey For C-Trade Users

When C-Trade –Zim’s first digital investment- platform was announced we were very excited about how many doors would be opened to first time investors who hadn’t had a chance to do so previously. There were a few user experience issues that were met by those of us who enthusiastically tried to sign up only to […]

Digital Push Brings Silence At The ZSE

What is the first thing you think of when you hear Stock Exchange? Is it the sound of a hundred men and women screaming and yelling in perfect football stadium supporter harmony? Is it the sight of papers getting shredded off notepads and pens vigorously etching letters and numbers on the surface of papyrus in the manner […]

C-Trade Answers Some Of The Frequently Asked Questions About Their Trading Platform

We have talked at length about C-Trade. From a how-to on the sign-up process, why their platform is a great thing, and how to buy the shares once you’ve signed up. Since their launch in July however, the reception has been mixed. Though they have quickly grown and have amassed about 7000 new traders there have […]

C Trade What You Do Is Very Important Please Think Through Your Process

The problem that I see almost 100% of the times when businesses adopt technology for example move online etc is that they do so while maintaining the same paradigms they held. This is usually because tech is introduced as a ‘good idea’ or a ‘keeping up with the trends.’ That perception is not sufficient if […]

Steward Bank Introduces A New Platform For The Diaspora To Access More Financial Services

Steward Bank (Steward) has just launched Square World, both a payment service and a platform which enables the Zimbabwean diaspora to access various financial services provided by Steward. Essentially, cuts out middlemen who have been facilitating the payment of services and accessing of financial services for the Diaspora. Square World provides the diaspora access to (almost all) banking services […]

Shares Anyone? 2100 Open Accounts On Online Trading Platform, C Trade In Just 2 Weeks

C-trade, the online trading platform which was introduced midway this month has already seen 2100 retail investors creating accounts on the platform. Through this platform, investors are able to deposit money via banks and mobile money wallets, then go to the capital market (Zimbabwe Stock Exchange) and buy shares, sell them and withdraw back that […]

How To Buy Shares On Web, Mobile App Or Even With Kambudzi Via USSD On The C Trade Platform

The ability to trade on Zimbabwe’s capital markets through digital channels is a great deal. Buying and selling of public company shares has just gone mainstream especially because this can be done using even the most basic of mobile phones without needing to access the internet. In Zimbabwe we call such phones tumbudzi in plural […]

All The 20+ Steps To Register To Trade Shares On C Trade Using Kambudzi (USSD)

We used a smartphone to go through the USSD registration on C Trade. Using a feature phone without a qwerty keyboard was too taxing, a colleague now hates me for asking that she goes through it. We also wanted to use screenshots so a smartphone was the only way. Please read the accompanying article that […]

President Launches C-Trade: Zimbabwe’s First Online Platform To Trade Shares Listed On Zimbabwe Stock Exchange

So, this is it, Zimbabweans can now trade shares listed on Zimbabwe Stock Exchange online. This is being made possible by C-trade, which is a platform that enables the buying and selling of shares online on a computer or mobile device. The launch was graced by President Mnangagwa who said; The establishment of a well-coordinated […]

Trading Of Shares On The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Using Mobile Phones Is Almost Here, Are The Listed Companies Ready?

  This morning we were gonna witness the launch of C-Trade, an online and mobile trading platform for Zimbabwe’s capital markets. Unfortunately, the launch has been postponed yet again. I am disappointed because the postponement was because the Guest of Honour is not available. Zimbabweans have a fascination with big launches, I am more for […]