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5 Steps To Enjoy Cheaper Mobile Calls In Zimbabwe

If like us you are looking for ways to make cheaper calls, this article is for you. Here’s how you can start making immediate savings on calls:

Telecel Extends Mega Juice Promotion Duration, Reduces Bonus Minutes To US $1

Telecel Zimbabwe has decided to continue with its Mega Juice promotion apparently after being inundated with requests for it to extend the promotion. The promotion is due to end on Friday this week.

Telecel Slashes International Call Rates To As Low As A Local Call

Starting today, if you have a Telecel mobile line and need to call someone in the US, the UK, Australia, the Emirates, China or India (Update: Canada too), you will be charged local call rates. Calls to these destinations can now be made for as little as 25 US cents. Note though that this doesn’t apply to calls to Vodafone numbers in the UK.

This compares quite favorably to making international calls on other Zim mobile networks (Econet and NetOne) which costs anything between US $0.30 and US$8,70 depending on the international grouping of the destination.