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Paynet Loses US $100 Million Lawsuit Against Bankers Association of Zimbabwe

Bulk payment platform, Paynet lost a lawsuit at the High Court against Bankers Association of Zimbabwe (BAZ). Back in July, Paynet, a subsidiary of Cambria Africa filed a lawsuit of US $100 million against BAZ for anti-competitive practices. In the lawsuit, Paynet accused BAZ of influencing banks to breach their agreements and not pay their […]

Cambria Africa CEO Calls Out Banks For Anti-Competitive Behaviour Regarding Paynet Replacement

The CEO of Cambria Africa -which owns Paynet- Samir Shasha has called out banks for creating a local alternative to Paynet before paying settling their debts. In a letter written to Zim Independent Editor, Mr Shasha complained about the conduct of the banks and how they have sought to portray Paynet as unreasonable for demanding […]

Do The Banks Affected By Paynet’s Decision To Cut Them Off Have Work Arounds?

The stand-off between Paynet and banks is quite confusing for most people because up until banks were cut-off and some no longer had access to their salaries and pensions, most didn’t even know about the existence of a Paynet. One of the most pressing questions you probably have (and I did too) was, what exactly […]

Paynet Gives Banks Deadline To Pay Them Or They Will Cut Off Service Which Could Affect Payment Of Civil Servants

Banks have been having some issues with Paynet due to forex payments and back in March, Paynet faced periods of downtime due to failure to pay licencing fees. Paynet has thus extended this cost to the banks they provide service to and an email sent to CABS customers by the bank indicates that Paynet will […]