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Cambria Africa CEO Calls Out Banks For Anti-Competitive Behaviour Regarding Paynet Replacement

The CEO of Cambria Africa -which owns Paynet- Samir Shasha has called out banks for creating a local alternative to Paynet before paying settling their debts. In a letter written to Zim Independent Editor, Mr Shasha complained about the conduct of the banks and how they have sought to portray Paynet as unreasonable for demanding […]

Do The Banks Affected By Paynet’s Decision To Cut Them Off Have Work Arounds?

The stand-off between Paynet and banks is quite confusing for most people because up until banks were cut-off and some no longer had access to their salaries and pensions, most didn’t even know about the existence of a Paynet. One of the most pressing questions you probably have (and I did too) was, what exactly […]

Cambria to get US $2 million investment for Payserv

A report in the Sunday Mail newspaper says local payments switching & software company, Payserv, will be getting a US $2 million convertible debt investment from a South African based alternative asset management and advisory firm, Nisela Capital.