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Tag: Cameroon

Cameroonian Separatists Launch A Cryptocurrency (Ambacoin) To Fund Independence Movement

Since the cryptocurrency hype went to overdrive late last year, you may have thought you would have heard of every use for the cryptocurrency. Well, you’re not. AmbaCoin is going to be used to fund the freedom of a nation, the Republic of Ambazonia. Ambazonia, or Amba Land, is a region in southern Cameroon that […]

Mauritius Has Best Telecoms Industry In Africa, But Africa Still Far Behind Asia

Budde Comm released their African Market Report and this report contains the Telecoms Maturity Index (TMI) of all African countries and the TMI measures and ranks the maturity of a country’s telecoms industry on a scale of 1 to 100. All countries are placed into one of three categories: ‘Market Leaders’, ‘Market Challengers’ and ‘Developing […]

Internet movie startup Wabona moves to subscription based model

Wabona, a South African based online move startup founded by two Zimbabwean last year has moved from a per movie payment model to a monthly subscription based one. In an email to their customers, co-founders Simba Mabasha and Simukayi Makuna announced the change over the weekend.