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Bulawayo: The Detroit of Africa gets a digital infusion

This article was written by Clinton Mutambo, the founder and CEO of where it was originally posted. The city of Bulawayo (Zimbabwe) was once a regional manufacturing powerhouse. An extensive railway network coupled with bustling factories and skilled labour churned out everything from clothing to locomotives. The unfortunate and ongoing political crisis that has defined […]

Google’s umbono and 88mph join forces

We recently received an email from Google’s Umbono program indicating that they have entered into a partnership with 88mph. Neither Umbono or 88mph have provided us with details as to the nature and structure of the partnership. But judging from our previous communication with 88mph, they planned adding Cape Town as a site for their […]

The definitive start-up guide for challenging environments

After I wrote my last article 5 Startup Lessons from Facebook IPO, I realised that in as much as there where some valuable lessons from the story of Facebook of which I had touched on just a few, there remain lots of gaps about the value of the model with regard to building a technology […]