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How Does Your Social Media Activity Affect Employment Chances

Ever imagined something as “silly” as a Facebook comment making you miss out on an important job opportunity? Well, for all you know that could be what’s happening right now as you blame nepotism, witchcraft or your family’s bad luck. Judging from some posts I have seen on social media it is clear that many […]

Women participation in tech. Should we worry??

Cliché topic right? Yet the gender disparity in this field is still too evident to be ignored so yes, I’ll go on right ahead and talk about it. This article won’t really speak for countries where women are not even allowed to go beyond becoming a wife because evidently my approach here becomes highly irrelevant, […]

Top paying jobs in IT in Zimbabwe, Best Zimbabwean Android apps #AskTechzim

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Thoughts On Loving And Leaving Your Employer

Some time, not too long ago, I had the opportunity to pass on some advice to a young software developer. He sought my opinion on a decision to move from his employer to a new company.

Be a Sys Admin of Note

ICT geeks have attained messiah status in organizations and, resultantly, have grown to be key strategic players in organizations. Before you know it, you are the heart and pulse, the life and soul of the party.

VACANCY: Information Security Professionals Wanted In Zim (101 Career Advice) – Part 2

Last week I listed a few examples of certifications (there are thousands of them out there). Over the years I learnt one thing that once you get one cert you keep accumulating more.

VACANCY: Information Security Professionals Wanted In Zim (101 Career Advice) – Part I

At one point early in our lives we were asked; “What do you intend to do when you grow up”. I remember so well that almost everyone in my Grade 2 class wanted to be a medical doctor. However, life being so dynamic we all ended up following different career lines.