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Tag: Cassava Smartech

EcoCash announces regional & international remittance partnerships

EcoCash has increased its presence in the remittance space through partnerships with regional mobile operators and international money transfer companies.

Strive Masiyiwa accused of stealing the idea for Sasai’s Health Status Report

Strive Masiyiwa and Cassava have been accused of stealing the idea for what is now Sasai’s Health Status Report from David Rice co-founder of PocketPatientMD.

Cassava bemoans regulatory pressures placed on EcoCash in investor update

Cassava Smartech -EcoCash’s parent company- issued a trading update outlining the the first half of the year and what investors and the general public can expect going forward. In the update there are a number of interesting points to harp over and one of the key talking points will be the regression of EcoCash due […]

Sasai adds useful WiFi finder to list of features

So when I browsed through, Sasai yesterday whilst working on the article for their new Moments feature – I clearly wasn’t thorough enough. In the bottom right corner is another new feature – WiFi Finder. I only came to know about this after Sasai sent a press release in relation to the new feature. WiFi […]

EcoCash has increased tariffs

EcoCash charges have been reviewed upwards. This follows a change made in March this year. The assumption is that the company has finally been given the green to increase the charges, as this is regulated by the Reserve of Zimbabwe. Here are some quick example of what you should expect to pay in fees for […]

EcoCash “currency manipulation” probe delays Cassava Smartech financial report

Cassava Smartech announced that they have delayed the release of their audited financial statements for fiscal year-end February 2020. They made this announcement to shareholders citing that the delay is being caused by the “regulatory review” of one of the company’s key holdings EcoCash. The previously mentioned regulatory review is a currency manipulation investigation being […]

Will Econet ever learn?

It’s a normal day for an Econet subscriber, you get ten plus promotional text messages about the fifty services under the Econet/Cassava umbrella. Just like how the text messages from Econet are an annoyance, we will now proceed to list each and every one here (not to annoy you of course): we have two from […]

Econet Group To Conduct 100 000 Coronavirus Tests

The Econet group and Cassava Smartech just announced the launch of Maisha Testing – a service that will offer Coronavirus testing to Zimbabwean citizenry. The 100 000 test kits will be offered to different sets of citizens; Citizens employed in the Econet Wireless Group, Cassava Smartech, Liquid Telecom, Mutare Bottling and Higherlife Foundation. This will […]

Cassava “Launching” Maisha Medik For The 3rd Time – What’s Changed?

Maisha Medik is the application that refuses to die. The health app made it’s debut in June of 2018, as a repurposed version of the more popular ADA application. At this point in its life, Maisha was an artificial intelligence symptom checker. One of the commenters in our initial article covering Maisha Medik had this […]

EcoSure To Help Capacitate Doctors & Nurses Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

As Zimbabwe – along with the rest of the world – battles the COVID-19 Corona virus global pandemic, EcoSure has announced plans to immediately support the country’s national health delivery system by equipping frontline medical staff with protective personal equipment (PPE), providing them with life and health insurance and offering them safe transport to and […]

In Pictures: Econet, Cassava Conduct Disinfection Excercise In CBD As Coronavirus Prevention Intensifies

Econet’s CleanCity subsidiary is today leading a ” public disinfection” exercise in the CBD. CleanCity is fumigating Copacabana, Market Square, Town House and other locations alongside City of Harare. Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount: EcoCash number: {{error_message}} {{error_message}} If anything goes wrong, chat with us using the […]

Cassava Smartech Hints At Upgrade For Steward Bank Digital Banking Platform

As some of you know by now, Cassava recently published its half-year results and the local tech company made a ZW$3.2 million profit in its first 6 months of operation. Of that profit, Steward Bank is probably the most significant pillar behind EcoCash – with the bank bringing in ZW$181 million in revenue over the […]

Cassava First Set Of Half Year Results After Demerger From Econet Are Out

Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Listed entity Cassava Smartech Zimbabwe Limited (CSZL), which has business interests in mobile money, digital banking, insurtech and on-demand services, reported revenue of ZW$946 million for the half-year ended 31 August 2019. The published results are inflation-adjusted, in line with International Accounting Standard 29 on Financial Reporting in Hyperinflationary Economies, as recommended […]

POTRAZ – We Are Engaging Econet Over Sasai Spam Messages

Whilst Econet’s track record of spamming users when they have a new service is pretty excellent or lacklustre (depending on which side of the fence you’re on) they’ve clearly outdone themselves when it comes to Sasai. Users have been complaining of receiving as many as 6 messages in one minute notifying them of their friends […]

Econet Subscribers Tired Of Sasai Spam Messages

If you’re an Econet user and you haven’t received the “your friend x has joined Sasai” message from Econet, you’re a special and extremely lucky subscriber. I’ve been receiving the messages over the past few days but I hadn’t heard anyone else complaining so I bit my tongue and chose not to write about this […]

Elevate Gaming Now Has An App Store

Econet subscribers (or maybe just Elevate members) have been receiving a message notifying them of Elevate’s newest service; an app store filled with mobile games. Introducing Elevate Gaming! Click to play any of the 2000 epic games & stand a chance to win prizes for points accumulated during play. Elevate message I clicked on […]

Maisha Virtual Health Assistant Also Available Via USSD

Cassava Smartech’s Maisha Medik is now accessable via the USSD, making the virtual assistant available to everybody with a phone, be it a smartphone or a kambudzi (feature phone). When Econet entered the virtual health assistant space with Maisha Medik (previously called Ada), it was only accessible via a mobile app. Now by simply dialling […]

Sasai Also Launches Diaspora Remittances, Zero Fees For 30 Days

Yesterday Cassava Smartech’s EcoCash launched a digital Bureau de Change. The recently launched Sasai application is also playing in that space, they have announced a diaspora remittance service today. Sasai promises to keep remittances costs low. They have announced their fees to be only 2.5% of the money being sent. Traditional remittance channels have fees […]

Cassava Launches Maisha Medik Again, No Longer Ada But Still A White Labelled App

Last year Cassava Smartech made a lot of noise about Maisha Medik – a health assistant that was supposed to help you identify illnesses in their early stages. The app was supposed to be called Maisha Medik powered by Ada but searching in the Google Store, Maisha Medik was nowhere to be found whilst Ada […]

Cassava Announces Features To Come To Sasai In 2019 & 2020: Ads & More Coming

Last night, Cassava Smartech “officially” launched their social payments chat app – Sasai (though people had already been downloading the app). One of the major complaints I’ve seen from most regarding Sasai has been concerning just how raw the application is right now. At the launch event, Cassava Smartech officials acknowledged that the product is […]

Cassava (Econet) Launching Sasai, A Chat And Payments App Seeking To Challenge WhatsApp Dominance In Africa

Cassava Fintech International, the Econet Global owned company is launching a chat app targeted at the African continent next week. We first talked about the app, Sasai several weeks ago when Cassava let it slip on their website. Sasai will of course seek to challenge or perhaps dislodge WhatsApp, the Facebook owned chat app that […]

Months of Cassava Smartech Contribute 89% Of Econet’s Profits Last Year

Econet recently put out their financial results for the year ended 28 February and one of the questions many had was whether these results would include any detail regarding the performance of Cassava Smartech and they do but there is one caveat. The results only cover Cassava’s first 8 months and not the full year. […]

{Press Release}:Cassava Smartech Wins Changing Lives Award At The East Africa Com Awards

Cassava Smartech and Comviva have jointly won the East Africa Com Award in the “Changing Lives” category for Cassava’s EcoCash mobile money service powered by mobiquity® Money. The award was presented recently at Radisson Blu Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. This is the second consecutive award for both companies as they won the award in the […]

Cassava Smartech Working On Messaging Platform Similar To WeChat?

If a service listing on the Cassava Smartech website is anything to go by, it seems the local tech company is working on a social payment chat application. Something similar to WeChat. The social payments webpage doesn’t state the name of the product but it does make clear it’s a chat application as the page […]

Strive Masiyiwa: Vaya Now Has Over 20 000 Registered Vehicles

Back in October Cassava Smartech launched their ride-hailing application Vaya. Over the past seven months, they have managed to register 20 000 cars since the launch. The details were revealed by Strive Masiyiwa in a Facebook post a few hours ago. The CEO of Econet Global believes that if Cassava had acquired the cars themselves […]

Vaya To Increase Its Services

Vaya seems to still have more tricks up its sleeves to revolutionise Zimbabwe’s transport industry. Just this week, it launched it’s Vaya Shuttle at the ZITF to offer visitors free shuttle services for the whole week. Vaya Shuttle comes on top of other services like Vaya Carpool, Vaya Hopper, and Vaya Ambulance etc. As if […]

Cassava Smartech Introduces VayaAmbulance – A Service You Can Use To Order An Ambulance When You Are In Emergency

If you were wondering why Cassava Smartech acquired Mars now you can get to know the reason. It’s now possible to order an ambulance using the VayaAfrica App courtesy of a new service called VayaAmbulence. With just some few clicks on the Vaya app, you are able to order an ambulance in an emergency situation. […]

How To Send Money From South Africa With EcoCash

EcoCash has finally remembered our brothers and sisters in South Africa by blessing them with the EcoCash remit service, which enables them to send money using EcoCash directly into the EcoCash wallets of people in Zimbabwe. You may be wondering how that is all done, here’s how: First, register on the website or on the […]

Econet And Cassava Have Gone Too Far, Deducting Our Money Without Consent Is Criminal

Yesterday I woke up to this SMS message from EcoSure: Your initial premium payment of $1.00 failed. The premium should be paid by 29-Feb-20 to complete your EcoSure Lite registration I did the stupid thing of ignoring it and just thinking ‘well maybe I was testing something on EcoSure some time ago and I subscribed […]

Breaking: Econet And Cassava Lose Court Case, High Court Rules That EcoCash Cannot Separate Itself From Cassava

The drama at the courts continues between the Econet family and their former partner Dr Dish. Dr Dish argues that Econet Media owes them $6.8 million as part of their revenue sharing deal when Kwese TV was launched. They are disputing the supposed claim by Econet that they only had 38 Kwese TV subscribers in […]