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CBZ to start identifying & reporting account holders suspected of illegal forex deals

It looks like the meeting that the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) had with captains of industry has started a wider domino effect against those dabbling on the black market. According to a report by ZimPriceCheck, CBZ Bank will start reporting those suspected of illegal forex deals to the RBZ’s Financial Intelligence Unit. Reference is […]

Facing challenges with CBZ Touch? You’re not alone

It is Customer Service Week 2021 and we need to take time to appreciate customer service personnel. They have a mostly thankless task, so today we take time to say thanks. With that done. We have a bone to chew with CBZ and the customer service staff are going to have to accept the legal […]

Government launches ZMX a commodities exchange

Recently the Zimbabwean government launched a commodities exchange known as Zimbabwe Mercantile Exchange Private Ltd or ZMX. This exchange will allow farmers to trade about 18 commodities excluding maize. This will be the first such exchange in Zimbabwe ever since the other commodities exchange known as ZIMACE shutdown in 2001. Today we launched #Zimbabwe’s Commodities […]

Does CBZ hold the key for crypto inclusion in RBZ’s Sandbox?

One of the biggest disappointments of this year was the exclusion of cryptocurrency exchanges and the likes from the RBZ’s Fintech Sandbox. The initiative, run by the Reserve Bank, was an opportunity for traditional financial institutions to dip their toes into experimental or emerging technologies. Now, the shunning of cryptos was a contradiction of the […]

CBZ Bank joins the zero-rate revolution

And then there were four

CBZ Bank launches contactless payment solution with a twist

CBZ Bank has launched a new contactless payment solution to add to the public health measures in effect, and it comes with a trick up its sleeve.

CBZ Surprises Customers By Promising To Lower POS Charges

CBZ took to Twitter to assure their customers that they were hearing their cries. Considering the fact banks have been steadily raising charges over the last year, it came as a welcome surprise when CBZ announced that they would be lowering their charges. We have heard, we have listened and we have complied. To our […]

CBZ Warns Customers About Circulating Email They Should Ignore

CBZ has issued a warning to it’s customers about an email that’s circulating which is asking them to click a certain link. — CBZ Holdings (@CBZHoldings) September 9, 2019 Why you should ignore the email and never click the link By asking a receiver to click a certain link and put some details in […]

CBZ’s Young Entrepreneurs Programme (YEP) Has Been Consistently And Almost Silently Making A Difference

CBZ Holdings together with Empowered Life Trust have been running the Youth Entrepreneurship Programme (YEP) for 3 consecutive years. That in itself is a big deal. We have seen a lot of high sounding corporate social responsibility gimmicks that fizzle and die soon after launch. The programme is quite intensive. Young people who get picked […]

You Can Now Link Your CBZ Smartcash With EcoCash

CBZ’s low-cost account, more commonly known as the Smartcash account can now be linked to EcoCash. It’s a bit surprising that this move is coming to Smartcash this far down the line when EcoCash is clearly such an important part of most consumers lives. Having EcoCash integration for banks could ensure that someone opens an […]

CBZ Bank Going Exclusive To Internet And Mobile Banking, Looks Like Zimbabwe Is Going Paperless Not Just Cashless

CBZ Bank joins a growing number of banks in Zimbabwe that are no longer processing manual (paper) transactions for the transfer of funds whether internally or across to other banks. Here’s their notice to customers: Discontinuation of acceptance of manual RTGS and Internal Funds Transfers CBZ Bank would like to advise its valued clients and […]

Banks Are Loving The Cash Crisis: Here Is Why

Indicated by substantial profits, last year was a prosperous year for all banks in Zimbabwe. Cautious but shrewd lending among other factors has contributed for banks to post these profits. However, the overall banking sector is decreasing its lending to households. From 2016 up to now Zimbabwe is grappling with cash shortages and the cash shortages […]

Apparently Bank Cards Can Be Cloned Easily, Here Is How To Stay Safe

Last week a man was arrested on charges of cloning a bank debit card and helping himself to thousands of  US dollars, or is it bond? Are they the same thing? Either way, he treated himself to thousands that were not his. The fraudster is one Bryan Gaha who allegedly cloned a Steward Bank debit […]

CBZ warns clients of fake email circulating, let us discuss how you can spot fake emails

CBZ Bank was forced to issue out a notice telling its valued clients to ignore an email that was doing the rounds claiming to be from the bank. The email, which some would dismiss as bogus without the slightest hesitation was convincing and it was easy for some to fall for it. The email is […]

3 Things Banks Can Do Better For Their Customers…

I’m not too sure whether I’m the only one, but at one stage I had an account with almost every bank. Yes, every bank. This was a follow through from the rough years of 2007-2009, where one had to be able to be “connected” in order to receive their  payments instantly. Recently, the need for […]

Here is a list of Zimbabwean banks still accepting incoming US dollar wires into personal accounts

In case someone out there is stranded and failing not only to receive online payments for jobs done but generally incoming transfers even as an expatriate, the following are some Zimbabwean banks still accepting international incoming transfers in USD into individual accounts.

CBZ registers 100,000 low cost customers within year of launching agent banking

CBZ Bank has so far registered at least 100,000 low cost banks accounts customers since the launch of their agency banking in June last year. The accounts, called SmartCash accounts, became a possibility when the Reserve Bank allowed for a lite banks account which customers can open using only their ID. Before now, we didn’t know exactly […]

CBZ attempts to offer total financial convenience with new mobile banking app

Last month, CBZ Holdings, Zimbabwe’s largest retail financial services institution launched a new mobile banking app which is designed to deliver convenience by providing a mobile channel for CBZ Holdings’ suite of financial services.

Minister confirms government’s move for Telecel, hints at foreign investment

So it’s already been confirmed, the government is moving in on Telecel.Earlier today, the Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira, responded to questions on the government’s interest in Telecel Zimbabwe. ZARNet, a state owned Internet Provider, has been roped in because the government does not have the immediate capacity to execute this takeover. This will, in all likelihood, be executed with leveraged finance with foreign investors likely to be involved.

While Zimswitch waits, Econet chooses to partner banks directly with EcoCash

Today we attended a press briefing where Econet Wireless Zimbabwe and CBZ Bank were announced a new mobile banking partnership. The partnership basically entails that EcoCash subscribers who bank with CBZ can now move money between their EcoCash mobile money wallet and their traditional bank account from their mobile phones. Users of the service can also check the bank balance and get a mini statement all via EcoCash.

NetOne secures USD 60m funding, to launch mobile broadband by year end

NewsDay, reports that state owned mobile network operator NetOne has secured US$ 60 million for mobile broadband services. According to the paper, the funds have been sourced from China Export-Import Bank, Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe (IDBZ), CBZ Bank and BancABC.