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Tag: CBZ

ZimSelector shows growth through redesigned platform and new providers

The last time we wrote about ZimSelector, the Zimbabwean online insurance aggregator, the startup had introduced a payment option and was working on signing on more insurance institutions to give users a wider range of options for credible comparisons. After a bit of silence the aggregator has now come out to announce the next phase of its growth. This […]

ZANU PF dabbling in banking and e-commerce?

If you are a paid up member of the country’s ruling party ZANU PF and you have the latest version of their membership card there’s something you’ll have noticed already. The card is written ZANU PF Financial Services and has a Zimswitch logo at the back of it. After receiving some inquiries regarding this card […]

Unboxing the value of the Telecash Gold Card

Yesterday Telecel Zimbabwe launched a debit card for their mobile money users called the TeleCash Gold Card.This product had been in the pipeline for a while now, with Telecel having given some information on the card and what it would mean for subscribers at the launch of Telecash some months ago. While the launch itself […]

Telecel launches debit card

Mobile service provider Telecel has launched a debit card for its Telecash mobile financial services subscribers. Dubbed the Telecash Gold Card, it allows Telecash subscribers to make transactions on all ZimSwitch POS terminals and also enables withdrawals from every ZimSwitch ATM facility. The card can also be used for the payment of a host of […]

Dear Zimbabwean banks, how about this for innovation!

A few days ago, Wednesday to be precise, at the insistence of a friend, I accepted to go open a new account at a local big bank. I have a number of accounts around that I don’t use anymore for obvious reasons, but this particular bank has a special eCommerce opportunity that the friend will […]

Ditch your bank if they’re not connected to EcoCash, says Econet

Between December 2012 and February this year, Econet announced in quick succession, the integration of its EcoCash mobile money transfer service to traditional banks, allowing EcoCash users to transfer money seamlessly between their bank accounts and EcoCash Wallets. It was CBZ, TN Bank, Stanbic, Agribank then ZB Bank.

Econet connects EcoCash to its banking company, TN Bank

Yesterday, Econet published in an advert the announcement that the industry knew would come sooner or later. The mobile operator has now integrated EcoCash, its mobile money transfer service, to TN Bank, the bank it acquired earlier this year. The development means TN bank customers that use EcoCash will be able to transfer money from the bank accounts to their EcoCash wallets and vice versa.

Press Release: CBZ becomes first bank to connect to EcoCash

CBZ Bank, Zimbabwe’s largest bank, has become the first bank in the country to get a direct connection to the EcoCash service from Econet Wireless. Customers of the bank who have an EcoCash ‘eWallet’ can put money into the account using their cell phones. They can also take money from their eWallets and deposit it directly into a CBZ bank account.

IDBZ says it has not signed any credit facility with NetOne

Last month, reports came out in the local press that NetOne had secured USD 60m to help with its mobile broadband rollout. We picked up the news here too. According the reports then, the funds had been sourced from China Export-Import Bank, Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe (IDBZ), CBZ Bank and BancABC.

We have since seen a report by Trade Finance that basically says the 60 million funding claims were simply not true. IDBZ’s involvement in the funding at least.