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The GTeL SL5.5 Xtra launch in pictures

Here are some of the pictures from GTeL’s launch of its new flagship device the SL5.5 Xtra. This was held in Harare and the event was graced GTeL’s strategic partners, brand ambassadors and stakeholders from different sectors.

Local phone brand, GTeL, launches its new $495 flagship device, the SL 5.5 Xtra

GTeL just launched a new flagship device, the SL5.5 Xtra. This dual SIM LTE phone comes with impressive specs like a 13 MP camera, octacore processor, an awesome battery and power management tech. At $495, how will it hold up against other mobile heavyweights like the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge.

Bump in the road for Gtel’s move into East Africa?

Gtel was reported to have established a new market in Kenya through a deal with Safaricom. Now, it turns out the Zimbabwean mobile device startup spoke too soon. Safaricom has denied signing any deal with Gtel, even though it has confirmed that it has made contact with mobile device startup.

Gtel enters Kenya, claims this as its stake in 4th African country outside Zim

Local mobile device concern, Gtel, has entered the Kenyan market with a device distribution partnership with the largest mobile network there, Safaricom. This apparently marks Gtel’s entry into a fourth African market after South Africa, Mozambique and Zambia.

G-Tel launches new flagship device the A750 Xplora MX1

Local mobile devices company G-Tel Cellular launched a new device, the A750 Xplora MX1 mobile phone tonight at a glitzy event at the Harare Club. The new device, which runs on Android goes head to head with other flagship devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S5, Apple iPhone 5S and local brand Astro’s Virtual 2 The […]

GTel launches new flagship mobile phone

Today we attended a GTel event where the company was launching what will now becoming their flagship device, the A717 Explorer. The new phone is, according to the founder of the company, Chamunorwa Shumba, a phone in the class of Samsung Galaxy S3. We didn’t have the opportunity to feel the actual phone but we […]

So, just how many Zimbabweans have mobile phones?

The latest mobile subscriber stats from POTRAZ show that Zimbabwe now has a mobile penetration of about 64%. Really impressive if you consider that in 2009, the mobile penetration was just 24%. But every time that mobile penetration percentage is mentioned, there’s almost always need to clarify that the percentage may actually be misleading.