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TelOne maintains strong B2B focus – 80% of its subscribers are enterprise clients

The chairman of the TelOne board, Charles Shamu, recently revealed that 80% of its subscribers are business consumers versus the 20% retail users. These business clients or wholesale consumers are split between the private sector (which makes up 60% of TelOne’s wholesale clients) and the government.

TelOne leads Zimbabwe’s infrastructure sharing, creates division to manage Africom, NetOne, ZETDC infrastructure

Local fixed telecoms operator, TelOne, will play a central role in Zimbabwe’s plans for telecoms infrastructure sharing by housing the division that will manage the infrastructure for four state-owned companies – Africom, NetOne, TelOne, and ZETDC.

TelOne eyes 100,000 new ADSL subscribers as it expands its network

Fixed telecoms provider TelOne expects to add on 100,000 ADSL subscribers as it activates the $98 million loan it secured through its primary shareholder the government.

TelOne to start work on its mobile network in late 2016 using $98 million loan for expansion

In an interview with Techzim, Shamu outlined some of the work TelOne has scheduled for the $98 million loan facility that it secured through the government including the development of its mobile network.

Exclusive: Techzim Interviews TelOne Chairman, Charles Shamu. TelOne plans, LTE, Infrastructure sharing

Recently we had the opportunity to interview the TelOne chairman, Charles Shamu. We spoke about TelOne’s ADSL business, the fibre, it’s subscribers, the issue of infrastructure sharing and TelOne’s plans to enter the mobile data market this year. Below is the interview: Soul Kabweza: We notice the emphasis now on Fibre at the expense of […]

Lots of homework for new directors at NetOne, TelOne and Zimpost

A few days ago the Minister of ICT, Postal and Courier Services, Webster Shamu, announced the new directors for local postal agency Zimpost and the two state owned telecoms outfits Netone and TelOne. The appointments are effective from 1 August 2014. The NetOne board chairman is Mr Alex Marufu and the vice chairman is Mr […]