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Why Zimbabwe should be wary of Huawei Technology

Imagine our entire telecommunications at the mercy of a communist nation that demands nothing short of compliancy.

TikTok & 58 other Chinese apps banned in India – Here’s Why

So India and China are not the best of friends right now and this has resulted in the banning of TikTok, WeChat and 57 other Chinese apps from Apple and Google’s app stores respectively. The apps that were banned have reportedly accumulated 4.9 billion downloads since 2014 and 750 million downloads this year alone. Chinese […]

More Details Regarding China’s Digital Currency Emerge

The People’s Bank of China recently confirmed that the development of its digital currency is “progressing smoothly”. Though the central bank didn’t offer any other detail like a launch date or how the currency will co-exist with mobile money – already a big deal in China. A number of details have been recently shared by […]

Is TikTok Reviewing & Censoring Videos Posted By Users?

TikTok recently announced that their app had been downloaded 1.5 billion times and calling that feat impressive is an understatement. In fact, it ranks them 3rd globally among non-gaming apps downloaded this year trailing behind WhatsApp and Messenger only. Behind all that success, however, are questions regarding how the application owned by a parent Chinese-company […]

China Is More Aggresive Than African Countries When It Comes To Blocking Internet Services

January was pretty eventful for Zimbabweans, the Government took away our beloved internet access and for a few days many of us who had no knowledge about how VPNs worked had to learn on the job as that became the normal way to access many popular sites such as Twitter, Facebook  and even our main […]

Schools In China Unveil Smart Uniforms That Track Students

It’s back to school for students world over with the holidays now officially over. China however has always been a little different. Right now for them it is still the year of the dog (the year 4716 to be exact) and New year is still weeks away. School is in full gear with the winter […]

How Crazy? China Is Installing Facial Recognition Toilet-Paper-Dispensers To Cut Toilet Paper Wastage In Public Toilets

China has a problem with, of all things, toilet paper. Citizens have been caught using too much of it or just downright stealing them straight out of public restrooms. Guess what’s the Chinese government’s controlling measure? The Chinese government installed facial recognition toilet paper dispensers. Toilet users will need to scan their faces for dispensers to issue […]

What’s The Secret Behind Chinese Phones And Their Irresistible Value For Money?

Over the past few years, we have had a lot of Chinese brands pull-up their socks and start making amazing phones at a budget. Ok, maybe amazing is a bit of an over-statement but surely for the money you’re spending on these devices (think OnePlus, Xiaomi, Honor, Vivo & Realme just to name a few) […]

Tech Billionaire Jack Ma Will Be Retiring From His Position As Alibaba Chairman In 2019

Jack Ma has made it clear that he is tired of the office and he’ll be hanging up his gloves on the 10th of September in 2019. The former teacher, who went on to found Alibaba –the Chinese eCommerce giant- and make billions, has said the decision he is making will make him much happier: […]

It Costs $200million, Weighs 340 tons: America’s New Supercomputer Snatches Crown From China

As of right now, the most powerful supercomputer on the planet calls the United States its home. And powerful, it is. The US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) last week unveiled a supercomputer, called Summit capable of handling 200,000 trillion calculations per second (200 petaflops). Laying claim to the title of the […]

Government Acknowledges Facial Recognition System In The Works

The facial recognition system that our government was reported to be working on deploying is now official. A statement released by the government confirmed the plans to deploy such a system. The Office of President released a statement on the development and you can read it below: RE: Press Statement from The Office of The […]

Online Payment For Travel Visas To Zimbabwe Now Possible

Visitors can now pay online for travel visas to Zimbabwe after the Department of Immigration introduced an E-Visa payment system. The online payment can be done using Mastercard and Visa payment models only. Previously, the online visa application platform only facilitated the application of Visas but visitors were not able to pay for them on […]

Report Says China Was Spying On The African Union, China Responds

French paper Le Monde has been revealed that the Chinese government was spying on the African Union (AU). This came after China ‘gifted’ the AU a building packed with surveillance devices. The current AU headquarters building in Addis Ababa cost $200 million and was paid for and constructed by China as a ‘Gift of China […]

IMF To Send Mission; US, Britain And China Ready To Work With Zimbabwe

It’s all happening. The international community is ready to engage Zimbabwe again. Powerful nations and organisations in both the west and the east express optimism in the future of our nation. IMF In order for the country to rise again funding is needed and this is where organisations like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) come […]

Lessons from Iranian cyber-security: Why Zimbabweans should be more careful about sharing their personal details online

Shamlessly copied and pasted from Pindula… with permission of course! Like most Zimbabweans, or at least the ones that I interact with, I was quite surprised when President Robert Mugabe announced the creation of an entire ministry to regulate social media: the new Ministry of Cyber Security, Threat Detection and Mitigation. Patrick Chinamasa was moved from […]

WhatsApp is currently being blocked in China, could Zimbabwe be next?

According to the New York Times who spoke to security experts, WhatsApp is currently being blocked in China. It is reported that in mid-July, Chinese censors began blocking video and voice chats, and the distribution of photographs or other files using WhatsApp. WhatsApp has been one of the few chat applications available in China that […]

What Zimbabwe and the developing world can learn from China

I have been reading Demystifying the Chinese Economy by Justin Yifu  Lin which details how China from 1979 onwards achieved rapid economic growth. Now Yifu Lin is a respected professor of Economics and a former Senior Vice President and Chief Economist of the World Bank so he knows a thing or two about these things. […]

Say hello everyone to Nokia 6. The first of many Nokia smartphones under HMD.

Nokia has unveiled its long anticipated Android Nougat powered Nokia 6 which has been launched exclusively in China. The smartphone is a proper midranger which looks fantastic from the press images (or I’m just too nostalgic from the news). A few words from the press release. Our ambition is to deliver a premium product, which […]

5G might just be around the corner

China Mobile Hong Kong and Huawei Hong Kong are partnering in pioneering commercial deployment of LTE-A Pro 4.5G as part of Huawei’s roadmap to 5G which is set for a timeline of 2020. LTE-A Pro or 4.5G was officially named as the new LTE standard by the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) and with it […]

Chinese style internet censorship coming to Zimbabwe – President Mugabe

A report yesterday in the government owned newspapers The Sunday Mail, says the president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, is intent on introducing Chinese style internet restrictions to the country to put a stop the “abuse” of the internet. According to the article, the president was addressing his party supporters at Harare International Airport who had come to welcome […]

Telecel & NetOne will not be merged, says ICT Minister. And our thoughts

The government has no intention to merge Telecel, a mobile operator it just bought, with NetOne, which it already owns the ICT minister, Supa Mandiwanzira revealed yesterday. Here are our thoughts on why this doesn’t make business sense.

Zimbabwe’s first supercomputer

It’s not quite time yet to be doing “the year in review” articles, but here’s one thing that flew below my radar: Zimbabwe officially launched a 36-teraflop supercomputer in February 2015. The supercomputer, housed at the University of Zimbabwe’s Zimbabwe Centre for High Performance Computing (Zim-CHPC), was installed by Inspur Group of China  funded by a $5,4 […]

WeChat is now a mobile money transfer app as well, but in China only for now

WeChat is many things already. So much more than WhatsApp, the app it started as a clone off. It’s so much more this anti-WhatsApp strength has actually been cited as a biggest weakness. But that’s not stopping the Chinese based messaging startup from becoming even more. The latest is that Chinese users of the app can now use it […]

Bitcoin slipping further; FB, Occullus & virtual reality; Xiaomi ambition… Global

Bitcoin slipping even further as China and US Taxman happen So, Bitcoin is having a tough time regulatory wise in China. Apparently China wont have any bank handling Bitcoin Exchange bank accounts and has given them until April 15 to close them. On the other side of the world, the US authorities have basically induced […]

How to get an ultra cheap tablet

While most people would want to own a tablet the costs of buying one here in Zimbabwe remain prohibitive. A 3G tablet will cost you more than $350 dollars easy and most of the “deals” offered by network operators are nothing short of ridiculous in addition to be convoluted and difficult to understand. Most people […]

“That’s racist!” Huawei says of spying & hacking allegations by the US and UK

“This is tired nonsense we’ve been hearing for years. This is politically-inspired and racist corporate defamation, nothing more.” is what a representative of Huawei, a Chinese telecommunications giant, apparently said to The Verge.

Review: The GTel Android device that will change your perception

Several weeks ago (now months actually) we received the GTel A707 Infinity smartphone from GTel, a local mobile devices company. I was at their Harare HQ for some other business when the CEO of the company, Chamunorwa Shumba, offered that I take the phone with me, use it for a while, and possibly write our opinion.

Zim information minister calls for regulation of the internet, social media

A report in today’s Herald newspaper says Zimbabwe’ Media, Information and Publicity Minister, Webster Shamu, has called for the “appropriate regulation of the internet and new media platforms”. The Minister, according to the report, is calling for this because the potential of the internet to cause strife in society.

Do your ideas and methods address the needs of your local market?

Some several months ago a Zimbabwean friend invited me to check out website he was working on that’s modeled along the lines of American local business review site, Yelp. Our conversation, when we met and went through the website, quickly went into the relevance of his service to ordinary Zimbabweans. He seemed very much aware of the […]

Predictably, developing countries register highest mobile growth globally

Last week, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) released the Measuring Information Society report, a report that details the state of the telecommunications industry globally. The report shows that developing countries have registered the most dynamic growth in mobile in the year 2011. According to the ITU, the trend is evidence that many developing countries are […]