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US Lawmakers scared of Huawei and ZTE. Should we also be worried?

A U.S congressional investigation concluded that the two Chinese telecommunications giants, Huawei Technologies Inc., and  ZTE Inc pose potential risks to their national security. The US’s worries come from the fact that the two entities receive significant funding directly from the Chinese government. The two tech firms have experienced growth, rapidly expanding worldwide especially in emerging markets, Zimbabwe […]

Is the iPhone headed for emerging markets?

Apple’s recent announcement that it will be selling iPhones via the prepaid carrier market raised a lot of eyebrows in the telecom industry. This is so because up to now Apple has primarily been selling the iPhone via mobile network operators (the carriers) who offer contract packages to their customers. Apple has also directly sold […]

Zim gaming not much fun

The other day, my sister’s little son was late getting home from school. You see he’s one of those kids that have to take two “kombis” on each leg of the school trip. So he first goes into the CBD connects to his school and vice versa when going home. After school he’s usually back […]

Africa mostly not on Facebook, and not on Zuckerberg’s to do list

Is it that Africa is not commercially active on the internet and therefore doesn’t matter much in the ad revenue scheme of things? Or are African populations too fragmented to approach efficiently as a market? Is Zuckerberg missing an entire continent of more than 1 billion people whose access to the internet is clearly on a sharp rise?

Double Standards: Why Facebook should be locked out of China

For those who don’t know it yet, China is now the second hottest hub for startups and internet based enterprises in the world ( after Silicon Valley). Investors and entrepreneurs everywhere you think of are cracking their heads to figure out a way to be a part of the world’s biggest market by internet users and most other metrics.

Weekly Roundup – 27 March 2010

Telecel Zimbabwe Shareholding

The Fingaz on Thursday revealed a new twist to the Telecel Zimbabwe shareholding question. Apparently Telecel International may have to cede more than just 11% shareholding to local entrepreneurs. Telecel International agreed to a POTRAZ requirement in 2007 to give up 20% of its 60% shareholding but it didn’t.

Depending on how the inclusive government deals with this, “The company could be forced to honour its initial deal it signed with Telecel Zimbabwe to offload 20 percent from its current 60 percent shareholding to indigenous players in the venture.”