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No free 6pm to 6am TelOne to TelOne calls when you purchase TelOne voice bundles

TelOne announced its prepaid voice bundle on Tuesday that allows you to buy a recharge card and juice up your landline. Now interesting enough when you activate this option you forfeit the free 6pm to 6am free calls to other TelOne numbers. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): […]

TelOne handles $4 million in transactions through its online payment platform, Telpay

According to Chipo Mutasa the MD of TelOne the company has handled $4 million in transactions through its online payment platform, Telpay

TelOne seeks relevance in mobile, eyes converged services launch in 2017

However, TelOne won’t be eyeing the same market as NetOne. According to Mutasa, as a unified service provider, their concern will be to offer mobile services to TelOne fixed services subscribers. This means the option for an LTE mobile service that is tied to an existing TelOne account that a subscriber can access when they are mobile.

$98 Million Telone-Huawei deal delay raises question marks

The TelOne-Huawei $98 million deal has come under scrutiny with allegations that Telone may be prejudiced due to equipment depreciation due to the delay in implementing the deal signed in 2010.

The “New TelOne” Fibre and WiFi Hotspot launch in pictures

TelOne is now offering Fibre to the Home and WiFi Hotspots. That’s been a big part of the news from TelOne from yesterday, but it’s also worth noting that the telecoms operator also changed its logo and has introduced a new look. All this was delivered at a colourful event held in Harare last night. […]

2015 is all about broadband: How TelOne is positioning itself as an internet company

An article published today by the Source has qouted TelOne’s managing director, Chipo Mtasa, highlighting an anticipated growth revenue of 4% in 2015 for the fixed telecoms operator. Mtasa referenced the plans TelOne has which are focused on network expansion while improving client services systems and expanding broadband connectivity. There was also mention of expanding […]

Will TelOne succeed raising $100 million this time? What has changed?

Reports in the media in recent days say the government owned fixed line operator, TelOne, is looking to raise $100 million from international investors.  Chipo Mutasa is quoted by Finx: We are busy re-looking at our capital projects in a view to doing another fundraising exercise to the tune of $100mln. Our capital projects will […]

A different TelOne? Is Chipo Mutasa succeeding with TelOne turn-around?

Back in 2011 I told a tale of TelOne taking a long painful 3 months and 21 days after application just to install ADSL at my home. And even then, it seemed, my ranting about it may have helped. If you have needed ADSL over the past year, you probably noticed the situation has changed […]