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Since 2009 POTRAZ Has Collected Over $120 Million For The Universal Service Fund

POTRAZ has disclosed that they have made $120 million from the Universal Service Fund since its inception back in 2009. They have also made an extra $10.6 million from interest on investments, thus the total funds from the USF amount to $130.6 million. POTRAZ’s Director General, Gift Machengete also made it clear that the collections […]

What Are These Community Information Centres (CICs) Being Commissioned By POTRAZ All About???

I’m sure between last year and now, you have at some point heard of the Community Information Centres (CICs) which are a project by POTRAZ through their Universal Service Fund (USF). The CIC project is being carried out in a bid to further the knowledge and appreciation of ICT throughout the country. CICs are mainly […]