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Want to fly a drone? Read this Q&A with a Zimbabwean pilot

This is part of small series on drones In recent articles on Techzim, we published the current regulations on UAVs (drones) in the country, highlighted the major do’s and dont’s of the laws, and opined about some interesting potential applications and uses of drones in Zimbabwe. The first two articles acquainted readers with drone laws as they currently […]

The 7 most interesting uses of drones in Zimbabwe

This week, we published the much-awaited national regulations governing drones (or unmanned aerial vehicles) in the country – basically, the precursor to Zimbabwe’s forthcoming aircraft laws. Readers readily shared their excitement at the development, while others however wondered what exactly drones are and more importantly, what exactly they could be used for in Zimbabwe. I […]

Drone Regulations in Zimbabwe: 15 Dos and Don’ts

Here is a list that simplifies the contents of Zimbabwe’s draft drone regulations. These are not dos and don’ts in the sense of “best practice” – but are actually what the law allows and does not allow you to do.

Here Are Zimbabwe’s Drone Regulations (Download)

If you’re part of the growing community of Zimbabweans with an interest in drones, you may want to bookmark this article. We have managed to exclusively obtain the latest copy of regulations concerning Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPAs) / Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) – drones – from the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe. It is a 31-page document […]

What sort of drone regulations should we expect for Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe is set to introduce its own set of drone regulation before the end of the year. This follows the increased use of this form of technology. We have seen some drone legislation being introduced in South Africa, the question though is whether most or all of it will be adapted to the Zimbabwean environment by our own regulator and lawmakers.

TelOne responds to allegations of mismanagement

Three days ago, the Zimbabwe Mail, a local news website ran a story titled “TelOne on the brink of collapse”. The story accused the TelOne management of running down the fixed line telecoms operator due to “gross-mismanagement in the face of stiff competition from mobile phone operators”.