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Zim govt both restrained and carefree in its spending. Civil servants get short end of the stick.

We expect the National Budget for 2022 to be released soon. As expected, there was a pre-budget seminar where we found out how we did with the 2021 one. Parliament also got to interact with the Ministry of Finance on the upcoming one. There were some interesting revelations from the seminar, especially as regards payments, […]

Zimswitch shares list of shops where civil servants and pensioners can use their NOSTRO cards

Earlier this year the government promised to give Civil Servants a US$75 pay raise. Whilst the civil servants got a raise it required them to open up NOSTRO accounts and get FCA cards they would transact with (i.e not exactly US$ now)… The government has promised that pensioners will also be getting FCA cards in […]

Civil Servants USD allowances, banks have a way out whether it’s fake money or not

So yes the Zimbabwean government promised that it will be paying its workforce a USD75.00 stipend across the board. And yes, no one believes the government will finance the accounts of these civil servants with real money. They printed US dollars (fake ones of course) before and they did it through the interbank settlement system. […]

Civil servants opening FCA accounts will be charged less by banks says George Charamba

Last week, we wrote an article aimed at helping civil servants looking to choose a bank to open an FCA account with. The article had account opening, debit card issuance and service fees for over 10 banks but it seems its use has been diminished since the government has intervened and announced that civil servants […]

Gvt Employees To Be Paid In USD, Just Call It Dollarisation Please

Minister of Finance, Mthuli Ncube and Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor, John Mangudya keep insisting that Zimbabwe has de-dollarised and they get emotional (almost) when anyone suggests that we have dollarised again. I actually argue that we never de-dollarised at all since we went down that path in 2009. We were just robbed by the […]

Mthuli Ncube Wants Government To Create A Biometric Register For Civil Servants Starting 1 January 2019

As part of his (woefully inadequate) measures to contain government expenditure, the Zimbabwean Finance Minister expressed his dismay at how successive audits of the government’s civil servants payroll have never failed to unearth ghost workers. This essentially means that at any given time the government is being defrauded of thousands and possibly hundreds of thousands […]

Kwese Now Offers Package For Civil Servants

Kwese is now offering a package that is specifically tailored for civil servants. The new deal is a 2-year contract offering and over the next 24 months, civil servants will pay a monthly fee of $20.30. This 20 bucks will get you: Free Decoder Free Standard installation Kwese full bouquet of 77 channels for the […]