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Review of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare – 5 things to note

Review of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare enteprise solution, 5 things to note for any institution looking to make it part of its healthcare delivery system.

Is Cloud Computing The Answer For Africa’s Rising Banking Costs?

More than 700 million Africans lack access to a bank or mobile money account and only 41% of Africans are financially included. This is due to the high cost of providing financial services in Africa which forces many financial services providers to remain focused on serving wealthier customers. Part of the cost problem is that financial […]

Old Mutual SA Adopting AWS Cloud Services

Old Mutual has struck a deal with Amazon Web Services which will see the financial services group move a significant portion of its IT workload to the cloud. Components being moved to the cloud will include; Digital customer platforms core insurance applications product administration systems Old Mutual will migrate over a thousand applications to AWS […]

Liquid Telecom “Moving Your Business into the Cloud” Webinar Goes Live Today

[Image source: PC Mag] Over the past few months, Liquid Telecom has been hosting a number of Azure educational webinars to interested parties. For September the Webinar will focus on Moving Your Business Into The Cloud and will be hosted online later today – from 2:30 PM to be exact. What will you learn in […]

Liquid Telecom To Host Microsoft Azure Mobile, Web and API Services Webinar

Liquid Telecom’s series of free educational webinars regarding Microsoft Azure continues and this time the webinar covers Mobile, Web and API services. Quickly build, deploy and scale web apps created with popular frameworks like .NET, .NET Core, Node.js, Java, PHP, Ruby or Python, in containers or running on Windows and Linux operating platforms. In this […]

Liquid Telecom’s Next Webinar Will Show You How to Easily Create Business Apps with Microsoft Power Apps Platform

Liquid Telecom has been hosting a number of webinars to familiarise would be users and buyers of Microsoft Azure how to take advantage of the cloud computing platform. They’ve already covered backups, email security and cloud security. The next version of the webinars focuses on How to Easily Create Real Life Business Apps with Microsoft […]

Liquid Telecom To Host Email Security Azure Webinar

Liquid Telecom continues to host their series of webinars for consumers coming to grips with Microsoft’s Azure platform. The fourth part of this series will be held on Thursday 30 May (tomorrow) from 1430-1500hrs. The latest Webinar in the series will be centred around email security and Liquid Telecom describes the webinar as follows: This […]

Liquid Telecom Giving Out US$1000 Microsoft Azure Cloud Credits To Startups

Liquid Telecom Zimbabwe’s partnership with Microsoft will bear a lasting impact for interested startups under the Liquid GoCloud initiative. The program is open to local startups looking to adopt Microsoft’s Azure platform. The startups selected will be joining Liquid’s “marketplace of opportunity” and receive 1,000USD in cloud credit along with exclusive access to Microsoft developers […]

Google Announces Scholarship Program As Part Of Initiative To Train 100 000 African Developers

This morning, Google announced a new African Certification Scholarship programme aimed at helping developers become certified on Google’s Android, Web, and Cloud technologies. For this year, Google is offering 30 000 scholarships and 1 000 grants for their Associate Android Developer, Mobile Web Specialist and Associate Cloud Engineer certifications. The scholarship program will be facilitated […]

[Press Release] Liquid Telecom Expands Availability of Microsoft Azure in Africa

Liquid Telecom, the leading pan-African telecoms group and Microsoft Gold Partner, today announced the availability of Microsoft Azure across its pan-African network, approaching 70,000km and stretching via a direct terrestrial high-speed fibre link across the continent. Liquid Telecom brings cloud-optimised connectivity offering the benefits of low latency, high capacity and resiliency to businesses across Africa.  […]

Liquid Telecom To Host Azure Backup Webinar

Cloud computing is all the rage these days and if you follow tech news in Zimbabwe avidly, you’ll know that Liquid Telecom and Microsoft have been in partnership since 2017. This partnership allows Liquid Telecom to sell Microsoft Cloud Solutions to interested parties. This same partnership also yielded the great initiative that saw Liquid Telecom […]

Four Ways The Cloud Is Creating, Not Eliminating, Jobs

By Amr Kamel, General Manager for Microsoft in West, East and Central Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands (WECA) Five million jobs are expected to be lost to automation by 2020. That may sound like a scary figure, but as these roles disappear, new jobs are set to spring up in their place. In fact, […]

Some benefits of using a data center for small to medium businesses

A data center is simply a room with many computer servers connected together. They are typically used by organizations for the remote storage, processing, or distribution of large amounts of data. Data centers have been around for a while now and some Zimbabwean companies have them for private use. Telone recently lauched a data center so it’s natural for […]

5G might just be around the corner

China Mobile Hong Kong and Huawei Hong Kong are partnering in pioneering commercial deployment of LTE-A Pro 4.5G as part of Huawei’s roadmap to 5G which is set for a timeline of 2020. LTE-A Pro or 4.5G was officially named as the new LTE standard by the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) and with it […]

An introduction to encryption

This is an introduction into the world of encryption which touches on the basics of the subject. The topic is becoming increasingly relevant in a world where a lot of our data is shared on cloud networks.

Innovation Africa Digital Summit 2015: Should we expect anything there?

How is technology made accessible in Africa? is there a single solution and does this problem bigger than people realise? How is this a huge concern for decision makers anyway? These are some of the concerns that are supposed to be addressed over the next few days at the Innovation Africa Digital Summit 2015 in […]

Why I would pay a fortune for One Program to run on them all

One of the advantages that was and is still given for Cloud Computing is that it allows home and business computer users to operate freely without the need to be that aware of the technical details or even the name of the operating system they are running. The theory goes that all the user would […]

iWayAfrica partners SA’s SevenC to introduce managed IT Services in Zimbabwe

An announcement by Gondwana International Networks (the new owners of iWayAfrica since December) yesterday said they have just partnered South African IT services company SevenC, to introduce managed IT services in Zimbabwe. iWayAfrica will provide what would otherwise get from an internal specialised IT department if it made business sense. Services like email, data storage, backups & disaster […]

Google Drive for Work’s unlimited storage offer hard to beat

Yesterday Google announced a new cloud service called Drive for Work. Its price undercuts every other cloud service package that has been presented by the other cloud storage providers involved in the “Storage Wars”. For $10 a month a user gets unlimited cloud storage, an offer that floors Microsoft’s OneDrive which, a few days ago, […]

Shift to Application & Infrastructure Hosting #ZimBroadband presentation

A presentation by Dandemutande CEO, Michele Scanlon at the 2014 Broadband Forum in Harare. She spoke about the app & infrastructure hosting and trends on he continent, hosting locally, hybrid cloud infrastructure, and what all tis means for Zimbabwe. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash number: Buy […]

Cloud Computing in Africa #ZimBroadband presentation

Below is the presentation made by SEACOM Senior Account Manager, Tonderai Sibanda, at the Broadband Forum 2014 conference in Harare. Titled “Cloud Computing in Africa: separating myth from reality.” his talk centered on the actual possibilities and limitations of cloud computing on the continent. [slideshare id=35825922&doc=seacom-tonderaisibanda-140613020927-phpapp01] Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime […]

A storm brewing in the clouds

At the moment one is hard pressed to come up with any drawbacks for the cloud. That is assuming one can come up with an accepted definition of the cloud since it is, much like the Hindu elephant, a different thing for everyone: Virtual Private Servers for some, cloud storage for others and Software as a service among other things. It has been a revelation, a Panacea and not counting Richard Stallman, it has not received much disapproval from the upper echelons of the IT world. But, I shudder to say, to some extent Stallman has a point.

Sage Pastel cloud offering launch, the product’s details

Yesterday we attended a press briefing where and Pastel (Both the local distributor, Chips, and South Africa) and Utande announced the launch of Sage Pastel My Business. The actual launch is today so yesterday was dedicated purely to showing journos why the new accounting in the cloud, is a big deal.

Press Release: Pastel launches cloud computing for small businesses

Pastel Software Zimbabwe will on March 12 launch Sage Pastel My Business Online, a cloud‑based accounting programme designed for start-up and small businesses that enables them to do their accounts online from anywhere in the world. This web-based business software solution can be accessed from anywhere using a computer, iPad, smartphone or even an iPhone, as it has an iPhone application.

Press Release: Freelancer announces fastest growing Internet jobs, the world’s largest outsourcing and crowdsourcing marketplace, has announced the fastest growing Internet jobs between October and December 2012. With nearly 7 million members and over $1 billion worth of work posted on the site, is the foremost authority on the online job trends spanning over 234 countries and regions.

Some noteworthy discussion points from the ePayments Forum

As party of the ongoing discussion following the ePayments Forum that was held exactly two weeks ago, we’ve decided to post here the main issues that came out of the event. You can read more about the event itself on the sub site dedicated for the event here:

Africom partners MTN to offer enterprise cloud hosted services

About two months ago Africom announced that they had partnered MTN purportedly to “to connect Zimbabwe to the rest of Africa and the world” by “delivering leading-edge technology that guarantees exceptional quality of service”. If that’s sounding a bit too vague, it’s ok, you’re not alone. The good news is this though, today Africom held an event to announce the partnership to their business customers. MTN Business Partner Manager Richard Kabeya was present at the launch.

23rd Century Systems’ Cumulus launch: Interview with the MD

On Thursday last week, we attended the launch of Cumulus, a SAP cloud based ERP service offered by a Twenty Third’s Century Systems subsidiary called Devoted Business Solutions (DBS). The product is basically SAP for SMEs offered via the internet. SAP itself calls the solution Business One OnDemand and the proposition is a lowering of […]

What if you lost your laptop…would you lose your data too?

On Friday, as routine I passed through Mdala Ngwenya’s office which is along main street one of the busiest streets in Bulawayo. I was greeted by a young man working on a pc in the other office adjacent to the reception. I sat for a while at reception area just browsing the net from my phone. A friend joined me later and we chatted briefly. I then decided to top up my airtime credit so we left the office to buy airtime credit just a few metres away from Mdala Ngwenya’s office. Within ten minutes I was back in the office and the friend left. I momentarily fumbled with the phone and all of a sudden I noticed my laptop bag had vanished from the reception table.

Cloud computing, social media & information security in Zim (E&Y survey)

Earlier this month, professional services firm Ernst & Young released its annual Global Information Security Survey report, this year titled “Into the cloud, out of the fog”. Zimbabwe is part of 52 countries where 1,700 IT leaders were surveyed across all industry sectors. Along with the global report, the local member firm released country specific findings compared side by side with the global survey results. You can download the local report here.