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The Gambia joins Africa’s politically inspired internet censorship club – here’s why Zimbabwe could be next

It’s clearly being viewed as a strategic way to quash expression or control communication in one way or the other. As Zimbabwe gears up for its own election season in 2018, it’s hard to not imagine that our government could explore the same strategy if “things” got out of hand.

Zimbabwean Parliament to debate draft ICT laws as President cites growing threat of cybercrime

The Parliament of Zimbabwe is expected to debate 3 pieces of draft legislation on cybercrime, electronic transactions and data protection as the government prepares to deal with increasing cyber threats.

Government to create Computer & Cybercrime Management Centre to deal with crimes like social media abuse & cyberterrorism

Judging from how State officials have spoken out against cybercrimes sin the past few months, plus the offences highlighted in the draft bill, this Cybercrime centre will play a lead role in dealing with cases as grave as cyberterrorism to other common offences like pornography and social media abuse.

Next deliberations on Zimbabwe’s draft ICT legislation to be held Bulawayo, citizens urged to participate

All three draft pieces of ICT legislation are still under review with the next consultative workshop set to be held in the City of Bulawayo on the 21st and 22nd of September 2016 at the Bulawayo Rainbow Hotel starting at 9am.

Guilty of spam? – here are 13 offences in Zimbabwe’s draft Computer Crime & Cybercrime Bill

That being said, we have listed 13 potential offences from the draft bill. Assuming that the bill isn’t altered to remove or adjust the clauses that relate to these potential offences, violating them could land you in some legal trouble.

Zimbabwe’s draft Computer Crime & Cybercrime Bill is updated as contributions are factored in – here’s the latest version

At the recent Computer Crime and Cybercrime Bill Workshop held in Harare by the Zimbabwe Institute of Engineers (ZIE)’s ZICT division, an updated version of the draft bill was used for deliberations. Here’s a copy of that version

Zimbabwean engineers contribute to draft cyber security bill, highlight privacy & criminilisation concerns

This process has included consultative meetings that the Ministry of ICT has been engaged in with various stakeholders. The Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers (ZIE) was the latest grouping to contribute to the drafting of this law.

Cyber Crime bill at work in Tanzania, 5 arrested for insulting their President

image credit: BBC Yesterday, 5 Tanzanian’s were charged with insulting their President John Magufuli on social media in some interesting cases of the application of their newly enacted Cyber Crime law. According to Tanzanian news outlet The Citizen, the five denied the charges against them and were released on bail with their hearings adjourned until the […]

How illegal is Porn in Zimbabwe?

Recently, we released a list of top 10 websites visited in Zimbabwe. The list included search engines, social networks, and most notably local news websites NewsDay and The Herald. From your requests and comments, we decided to also release the top 10 visited local websites. Unintentionally, one website on the list attracted the most attention, […]

Zimbabwean government issues more warnings against social media abuse, singles out “diaspora cyber terrorists”

The statements from the Minister follow a string of other warnings against social media abuse issued by the government over the past month and a half. Zimbabwe has experienced an upsurge in online civic engagement and political activism popularised by campaigns like #ThisFlag and #Tajamuka.

Here’s a copy of Zimbabwe’s draft Data Protection Bill, the law meant to protect you from data theft

One other piece of ICT legislation that’s also on the cards s the draft Data Protect Bill. It’s meant to be the piece of legislation that governs how personal information is processed by public and private entities while guarding against the illegal collection and use of personal data.

Here’s Zimbabwe’s draft e-transactions & e-commerce Bill

If you want to check it out and understand some of the proposals that are being made to regulate online transactions and e-commerce in ZImbabwe you can download a pdf copy of the bill by following the link below.

Opposition leader & high profile lawyer Tendai Biti vows to fight Zimbabwe’s draft Cybercrime Bill in court

Tendai Biti, the president of Zimbabwean opposition party People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the country’s fomer finance Minister has said that he is going to fight the proposed Computer Crime and Cybercrime Bill in court.

ICT Minister says Zimbabwe’s Cybercrime Bill not targeted at campaigns like #ThisFlag, #Tajamuka

In an interview with the BBC, the Minister of ICT Supa Mandiwanzira said it would be wrong to assume that the Cybercrime Bill is targeted at campaigns like #ThisFlag and #Tajamuka.

Zimbabwe’s ICT policy gets cabinet approval as the country prepares for new tech legislation

According to the Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira, the draft ICT policy was recently approved by the cabinet. This marks a go-ahead from the government and paves way for the policy to become the official framework for the government’s plans relating to Information Technology.

Zimbabwean opposition party spokesperson charged for responding to a tweet

Jealousy Mawarire, the spokesperson for Zimbabwe People First (ZPF), an opposition political party, has been charged with contravening section 88(b) of the Postal And Telecommunications Act for a tweet he made in response to the Minister of Higher Education Jonathan Moyo’s attacks on ZPF leader Joice Mujuru.

Zimbabweans scream plagiarism after discovery that proposed Cybercrime Bill resembles Lesotho’s draft

Earlier today a number of people on social media were quick to point out the striking similarities that exist between Zimbabwe’s own draft bill and Lesotho’s own Computer Crime and Cybercrime Bill.

Here’s Zimbabwe’s draft Computer crime and Cybercrime Bill

For those citizens who want to understand this piece of legislation and hopefully contribute to its development, or anyone interested in what it actually says on cyber terrorists, phone seizure, extradition and you can download it here.

Extradition emerges in Zimbabwe’s draft Cybercrime Bill – here’s what it means & why it’s easier said than done

It is, therefore, the case that only the most serious crimes such as terrorism, money laundering, human trafficking, drug trafficking, war crimes, genocide and so on really a stand chance when countries seek extradition.

Please note, Zimbabwe’s Cybercrime bill is not yet law and you can still contribute to it

The important thing to note though is that this bill is still a draft and not yet law. The Ministry of ICT which is supposed to present this bill to the Parliament of Zimbabwe is still gathering contributions from all stakeholders before it is presented to the legislature.

ICT Minister takes to Twitter to defend proposed social media clampdown as Zimbabweans question proposed cybercrime laws

The Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira was quizzed about these developments via Twitter by people interested in the government’s plans for social media use as well as the draft cybercrime legislation.

Here’s Zimbabwe’s 2015 draft National ICT Policy

We managed to get a copy of the draft policy at the recent Cyber Indaba. The document touches on most aspects that the government has been passionate about when it comes to ICT and how it has the mandate to facilitate the right environment for ICT to flourish as a pillar for national development.

Here are some takeaways from Zimbabwe’s Cyber Indaba

Some of the issues touched on included the cyber crimes statutory matrix in Zimbabwe, the best practices for ICT legislation, a brief review of MISA and DSZ’s position on cybersecurity and cybersecurity resolutions from the Internet Governance Forum.

Understanding Zimbabwe’s draft Data Protection Bill

The Bill tries to ensure that whenever an individual’s data is collected, it is only used for the specified purpose and not abused.In the Bill, data is categorised into broad categories, namely personal information, sensitive data and genetic data.

Child porn, spam & everything illegal under Zimbabwe’s draft Cybercrime Bill

Here’s a look at some of the aspects being examined in Zimbabwe’s proposed Cybercrime Bill and how it will change the scope of IT in the upholding of the law.