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Developers, Sign Up For The HNG Internships Online Program And Learn Some Valuable Coding Skills

Last year, we wrote about the fourth HNG (Hotels Nigeria) Internship which was a pretty cool program that could earn you some dough whilst you learnt some valuable “real-world applicable” coding skills. Fortunately, the program is back again for 2019 and you can start signing up once again for HNG 5.0. Yes, YOU CAN register […]

Why are programmers going online to watch someone else code?

The concept of live programming is slowly starting to gain traction thanks to a platform called . This is where people log in to watch or stream themselves programming in different languages. There’s a lot of value behind this, but will it survive or die as another geek sensation?

ICT Generation is back with a project to teach Zimbabwean kids all things tech

There’s always talk about about the importance of imparting skills in technology at an early age. It’s one of those no-brainers in an increasingly tech world, and Zimbabwe also needs to pay attention to that reality. The fact is, locally this is not done enough. Whether in public or private education institutions, there’s still a […]

The 20 tips for aspiring developers

Who wants to be a developer? Here are a few pointers from my own personal experience….nothing from Google. You don’t have to be super intelligent to be a developer In fact i feel as if my IQ got better the more i exercised my brain muscles. So for me intelligence is a product of programming […]