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Audio Interview with Econet Connected Lifestyle GM, Shepherd Hondo

Yesterday, at the launch of Econet Connected Home we interviewed the General Manager of Connected Lifestyle, Shepherd Hondo. He explained the proposition of the service, the pricing structure and that the service already has huge demand locally. Essentially, Econet is attempting to find new areas of growth for the company given the decline in their traditional […]

Econet Connected Home officially launched as operator offers ambitious IoT solution to crime

As we had mentioned earlier, Econet Wireless launched a new Connected Lifestyle product, but unlike what we had anticipated, this was the official launch of the Connected Home service. This is the same home security kit that was first unveiled last year at the Beyond The Phone Expo. It’s designed to offer home surveillance and […]

Econet launches new Connected Lifestyle product, prepares for financial reporting season

According to sources, the event will be for the unveiling of a new Econet Connected Lifestyles product. The Connected Lifestyles ought to sound familiar because it’s the division that deals with products like the Connected Car and Connected Home.

Resellers vs Product Builders, or how Econet may miss the internet opportunity

This is the main reason I don’t quite buy the “fast follower” thinking that the company has said is part of its modus operandi. The internet and the tools it provides freely to anyone, are not so we can follow fast to resell products.