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Making money online – The Zimbabwean struggle

This is not a guide on how to make money online. Techzim has covered that before, one recent example is here. We have all seen the stories, “Individual X makes US$10,000 a month with their blog.” Our immediate thought is we have to get in on that easy money. The reality though, is that like […]

Digital Lab Africa Opens Applications For Its Accelerator For Content Creators

4th edition of Digital Lab Africa: DLA is calling all African creatives to submit their projects in animation, video game, digital art, immersive realities and music. On January 13th, 2020, Digital Lab Africa (DLA) – the reference platform for next-gen content in Africa – launched its call for applications #4. Any creatives and cultural entrepreneurs from […]

Creators, Multiply Your Income By Expanding Your Product’s Reach

Are you a creator? – perhaps you do sculpting, you’re a musician, an author, you’re designer, you sell designer T-Shirts, you sew extravagant clothes, you’re a designer, online tutor, game developer etc. Well, I have good news for people like you. Through Gumroad, you could reach more audiences and earn more from your creations. One […]

Content Creators, YouTube Titles With All Caps Are A Very Bad Idea

If you upload videos on YouTube you may be tempted to put out some videos that capitalised titles. “It will definitely draw a viewer’s attention” you tell yourself as you hit the upload button. Well, it turns out using titles that are entirely capitalized is actually a terrible idea. And this is coming from YouTube’s […]