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ZOL customers demand the ISP “justify” the most recent price hike – Are they the bad guys?

So ZOL increased their prices again yesterday. This you probably know if you read Techzim, are a ZOL customer or you just heard the outrage on social media. For the past few months, ZOL has been increasing prices pretty significantly and there really hasn’t been a clear explanation as to why the prices are going […]

ZOL announces price increase for the second time in 8 days!

8 days ago ZOL, customers got an email to the effect that prices were increasing exponentially and if that wasn’t enough to get your blood pressure up ZOL certainly has another surprise for you. They’ve sent out another email with yet another price increment. Yes, before you even got a chance to pay for your […]

Econet Bundles & SMS Price To Be Reviewed On 17 June

Econet has announced that they will be reviewing pricing of bundles and SMSs tomorrow. Econet subscribers have been receiving the following message from the mobile network operator; Dear Customer. Please take note, bundle prices for Data & SMS will be reviewed effective 17 June 2020. Dial *143# to buy Data or *140# to buy SMS […]

NetOne Introduces e-Learning Bundles – Cheaper Than Econet?

Last week we wrote a speculative article on whether NetOne was working on eLearning bundles that would be launched soon. Well the bundles have been launched but some of the speculation that we were led to believe didn’t come to fruition. The bundle itself will have 3 tiers, Regular, Heavy, Extreme and they’ll be structured […]

Zim No Longer Included In Global Survey On Data Prices Because Of Unstable Currency

Cable UK annually makes cost of data reports comparing the pricing of data in over 200 countries the world over. We’ve referenced their work in a number of articles before and when we received an email with the latest report we were looking forward to seeing how well or poorly Zim was ranked. Unfortunately Cable […]

ZOL Adjust Wibroniks Prices

ZOL has announced a price hike for Wibroniks customers coming into effect on the 21st of April; Data Validity $ WiBroniks 5GB 15 days + 15 days rollover $244 10GB 30 days + 30 days rollover $331 15GB 30 days + 30 days rollover $418 20GB 30 days + 30 days rollover $470 25GB 30 […]

ZOL Announces New Prices For Fibroniks & Wibroniks Packages

POTRAZs announcement of new tariff thresholds for Internet Access Providers was followed up by an announcement by TelOne with their updated tariffs which took effect on the 14th of March. ZOL has now also reviewed pricing for Fibronik and Wibroniks packages. The pricing which takes effect on the 25th of March will now be structured […]

Here Are New Econet Tariffs Starting Tomorrow 14 March 2020

After POTRAZ increased the ceiling for Mobile Network Operator rates, EcoNet has announced their new tariffs which will be effective from tomorrow. Voice Tariffs Econet will be charging the same rate for peak and off peak calls. There is no distinction also between pre-paid (Buddie) tariffs and post-paid tariffs. The MNO is charging $1.5019 per […]

Ghana Parliament Summons Mobile Operators Over Expensive Data

Ghanaian mobile subscribers are not entirely happy with the countries mobile operators and their displeasure has led to mobile operators being called to Parliament to explain themselves. Back in October, Ghana’s government ordered telcos to stop selling data and voice bundles that expire: All unused data and voice bundles purchased by subscribers do not expire […]

Google Assistant Coming To Feature Phones

Google recently announced that its Assistant service will be made available to phones that don’t access the internet through a call centre. The interesting service is being rolled out in India first and will be free for callers. Google said callers will be able to; Get traffic updates, check scores and locate businesses around them […]

Zambian Parliament Proposes Ban On Expiring Data Bundles: Here’s Why That’s A Bad Idea

The Zambian Parliament (unanimously) adopted a motion encouraging the government to ban internet service providers from having internet bundles that expire. The MP who proposed this motion felt that bundles should be transferable as this would benefit consumers and the current set up of expiring bundles actually benefits service providers more. Earlier this year, there […]

Safaricom’s All In One Bundles Are Comparable To What We Are Getting Locally

Safaricom’s All In One bundle offers subscribers an all-inclusive package that has data, minutes and SMS’s hence the name. On top of this Safaricom has recently begun giving 5GB monthly data for YouTube videos at no extra cost which is pretty cool. The extra data is available on the cheaper KES1000 (US$9.90) & KES2000(US$19.80) All […]

ZOL “Fire Fridays” = Unlimited Night Owl For Subscribers

ZOL recently announced Fire Fridays, which will come as a relief to customers on capped packages. For subscribers who have the Night Owl add-on, the deal is pretty simple. Every Friday night your internet usage won’t affect your Night Owl data cap which means you can download more aggressively and stream Netflix/YouTube/Lectures and play some […]

NetOne Adds 1.2GB Bundle To Daily Options

When NetOne announced their new bundles last week, there was no 1GB option which came as a surprise. The highest data allocation you could get was a poultry 150MB offering. 150MB would not be adequate for most intensive tasks and thankfully NetOne has now acknowledged this. The mobile network operator has now added a fourth […]

NetOne To Engage Entrepreneurs & Content Creators On Local Data Bundle

We recently wrote a piece on local entrepreneurs calling for a local bundle that will improve access to local websites and services. I think the idea is a noble one that will do wonders for all types of local services and content but I wasn’t entirely sure how the networks being asked to do this […]

MISA Zimbabwe Declares “Latest Internet Data Price Increases Unjustified”

The Media Institue of Southern Africa (MISA) has had its say on the recently increased cost of mobile internet data. Posting on their own blog here are the views expressed by MISA On 30 April 2019, Econet Wireless became the latest mobile network operator to hike the cost of mobile data. In February this year, […]

Pricing Of Mobile Telephony In Zimbabwe, Does It Make Cents?

This is part 2 of a 3 part series on pricing of mobile telephony in Zimbabwe especially mobile broadband. You can read part 1 here. I didn’t think I would take too long to write the second part to this series. The telecom operators took too long to respond to my questions. In fact, the […]

Cost Of Mobile Data In Zimbabwe: Should We Even Compare?

This the first of a 3 part series on the cost of mobile broadband in Zimbabwe. There is a literal raging debate right now on whether mobile internet in Zimbabwe is the most expensive in the world. Well, the better question to ask is this: Is mobile data expensive in Zimbabwe? There are 3 distinct […]