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A limited violation of Net Neutrality can help the education sector in Zimbabwe without serving corporate greed

I have always found the debate around net neutrality to be outrageous. What is there to debate — Should capitalism be allowed to reap the nursery sown and grown by socialism? Should corporate Darwinian free market chaos be allowed to overrun the fair, just order of the virtual realm as well? Should the world’s greatest […]

ZOL customers demand the ISP “justify” the most recent price hike – Are they the bad guys?

So ZOL increased their prices again yesterday. This you probably know if you read Techzim, are a ZOL customer or you just heard the outrage on social media. For the past few months, ZOL has been increasing prices pretty significantly and there really hasn’t been a clear explanation as to why the prices are going […]

ZOL now has US$ prices for their internet packages. ZW$ is still the cheaper option

I went on ZOL’s website yesterday and I was met with a new development. The Internet Service Provider (ISP) now has US$ pricing for each and every one of the packages listed on the site. Fibroniks US$ pricing Package Data cap ZW$ price US$ price Fibroniks Zoom 10GB $630.94 11 Fibroniks Lite 40GB $1 663.39 […]

The cost of 1GB mobile data around the world

Everyone is thinking it, we may as well be the first to answer the question: When I leave Zimbabwe, which country has the cheapest mobile data packages I can buy? (Disclaimer: Techzim is patriotic, it’s right there in the name.) We decided to look at the average mobile data prices from around our little blue […]

eLearning bundles have created a mobile data black market in Zimbabwe

I’m convinced Zimbabweans have an affinity for black markets. At the moment, we have a black market for fuel, foreign currency, groceries and over the past few weeks one for mobile data has emerged. “What is this guy talking about now”, you may be wondering? Well, it’s the new eLearning data bundles and how people […]

ZOL announces price increase for the second time in 8 days!

8 days ago ZOL, customers got an email to the effect that prices were increasing exponentially and if that wasn’t enough to get your blood pressure up ZOL certainly has another surprise for you. They’ve sent out another email with yet another price increment. Yes, before you even got a chance to pay for your […]

Telecel Reviewing Bundle Price On The 23rd Of June

Telecel has announced via it’s social media channels that it will be reviewing prices for bundles on the 23rd of June i.e tomorrow. To our valued customers Please be advised that we will be reviewing our data bundle prices with effect from 23 June Telecel hasn’t reviewed their bundle pricing as frequently as their rivals, […]

ZOL Announces Yet Another Price Upgrade Coming Into Effect In July

ZOL subscribers have been getting an email from their Internet Service Provider notifying them of yet another price hike for the Fibroniks and Wibroniks service. The price hike is coming into effect on the first of July; Fibroniks Those on home packages will now pay the following; Package Data Allocation Price ZW$ Fibroniks Zoom 10GB […]

Econet Bundles & SMS Price To Be Reviewed On 17 June

Econet has announced that they will be reviewing pricing of bundles and SMSs tomorrow. Econet subscribers have been receiving the following message from the mobile network operator; Dear Customer. Please take note, bundle prices for Data & SMS will be reviewed effective 17 June 2020. Dial *143# to buy Data or *140# to buy SMS […]

Econet Now Offering Cheaper Private WiFi Packages

Last month, Econet announced new pricing for their private WiFi and the internet went ablaze. Activists roared that internet access is a human right whilst consumers threatened to switch services but nothing would change – the price was set and that was that. Econet seems to be trying to fix that and how do they […]

Zim No Longer Included In Global Survey On Data Prices Because Of Unstable Currency

Cable UK annually makes cost of data reports comparing the pricing of data in over 200 countries the world over. We’ve referenced their work in a number of articles before and when we received an email with the latest report we were looking forward to seeing how well or poorly Zim was ranked. Unfortunately Cable […]

NetOne One-Fi VS Econet Private Wi-Fi – Who Offers Better Value? (May 2020)

Econet and NetOne recently adjusted the pricing of their mobile data – as has become the norm. There are 2 bundles that hadn’t been adjusted by either of the two operators in their last 2 tariff increases – the Private WiFi bundle from Econet and the One-Fi bundle from NetOne. When Econet announced new pricing […]

NetOne To Follow Econet’s Steps & Increase Bundle Prices

Following the price review effected by Econet, many consumers were ready to jump ship and go to NetOne but it seems most will not get the chance to do so. The network operator has announced that they will also review prices of SMS and data bundles tomorrow; Dear Valued Customer, Please be advised that NetOne […]

Econet Reviews Price Of Data Bundles – Here’s What You’ll Pay Now

Econet’s pricing for smart data bouquets has been reviewed as expected and here’s what subscribers will now pay for daily bundles Price (ZW$) Data allocation (MB) $5.5 20MB $11 40MB $20 80MB $37 150MB $60 250MB $80 600MB $130 1200MB Remember the days a $1 used to get you 250MB. Well, wake up! Those days […]

ZOL Adjust Wibroniks Prices

ZOL has announced a price hike for Wibroniks customers coming into effect on the 21st of April; Data Validity $ WiBroniks 5GB 15 days + 15 days rollover $244 10GB 30 days + 30 days rollover $331 15GB 30 days + 30 days rollover $418 20GB 30 days + 30 days rollover $470 25GB 30 […]

Zimbos Deem Mobile Data Too Expensive As Usage Declined By More Than 30% In Q4 2019

With POTRAZ releasing their 4th quarter Telecommunications sector report a few days ago, there’s always a lot to unpack in these reports and one of the questions we’ve had is how Zimbabweans have taken the constant hikes in pricing of mobile data over the last 6-7 months. Well, the data is here now and it […]

Media Institute Of Southern Africa Zim Calls For Slashing Of Mobile Data Prices During Covid-19 Crisis

Media Institute of Southern Africa Zimbabwe (MISA Zimbabwe) has called for mobile operators in the country to slash data as the country tries to prevent the spread of the Novel Coronavirus. With companies closing offices left, right and centre as the country goes into lockdown, a number have said staff will be working from home […]

Working From Home? Here Are Your Internet Options

With the number of people working from home increasing by the day as companies take measures to stop the spread of the Novel Coronavirus. With that being said, those of you working from home will probably need an internet connection and we’ve rounded up the best options you probably have. For those of you looking […]

ZOL Announces New Prices For Fibroniks & Wibroniks Packages

POTRAZs announcement of new tariff thresholds for Internet Access Providers was followed up by an announcement by TelOne with their updated tariffs which took effect on the 14th of March. ZOL has now also reviewed pricing for Fibronik and Wibroniks packages. The pricing which takes effect on the 25th of March will now be structured […]

TelOne Announces New Prices For Broadband Packages

TelOne has announced the new pricing for their broadband offerings which have been effected from today (14 March). For TelOne Packages Prices as of September 2020 (the most recent price adjustment) click the link here Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial […]

Telecoms Regulator Argues New Data Tariffs Are Still Low

The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee touched on the issue of expensive data recently, arguing that the rising cost of data is going to affect school pupils as schools cannot afford to pay for internet access despite efforts to incorporate ICT into their curriculum. The argument presented by MP Carlton Hwende was rebuffed by POTRAZ Director-General Dr […]

TelOne’s LTE Service Gets Price Hike

TelOne has announced that their LTE-reliant Blaze service will is getting a price bump with The revised TelOne Blaze tariffs increase are shown in the table below: Package Data Value Old RTGS$ Price Price New RTGS$ Price Blaze lite 8GB $54 $108 Blaze extra 15GB $82 $145 Blaze Boost 20GB $102 $179 Blaze Ultra 40GB […]

ZOL Announces New Prices For Fibroniks Packages

Last Friday, ZOL announced new pricing for Wibroniks packages, they’ve followed that up with a new price list for fibre subscribers. We’ve had a problem with ZOL’s communication before and it seems that doesn’t change much. In their official communication to customers, ZOL chose not to write down the actual data allocations for each of […]

Econet New Data Bundle Pricing: $52 For 1.2 GB

When Econet changed the tariffs for voice, data and texting they didn’t change the pricing for smart data bouquets. They have done so a day later and as expected the cost of mobile data has risen once again for Econet subscribers and as it stands the bundle prices are not even close to being competitive […]

Econet’s New Data & Text Bundle Pricing – October 2019

For the millionth time, the price for data bundles has once again been reviewed upwards. Here’s what you’ll now pay for daily data bundles: $4 – 40MB $10 – 150MB $13 – 250MB $20 – 600MB $35 – 1.2GB Weekly data bundles: $$3 – 25MB $6 – 60MB $14 – 160MB $28 – 350MB $55 […]

Yo Mix Offering Good Data Deals Until The End Of October

Over the last few weeks, I had been receiving a Yo Mix message alerting me to a significant discount that I had been ignoring because I thought it was just bait to get more people downloading the app: THANK YOU for using YoMix! You have won a 60% discount on YoMix data bundles. Log in […]

Expensive Bundles Contribute To 10% Internet Usage Decline In Q2 Of 2019

People are using the internet less in Zimbabwe and its no surprise if you’ve been following the news cycle. Every other day you bump into a headline notifying subscribers about an increase in cost of data and with salaries not doing the same – Zimbabweans are beginning to slow down their internet usage. POTRAZ released […]

Econet’s Social Media & SMS Bundles Go Up Again: $3 For 75 SMS’

Econet recently raised the prices for its data bundles and as is usually the case SMS bundles and social media bundles also saw price increments. Your weekly SMS will now cost you the following: $3 for 75 SMS’ $4 for 125 SMS’ $5 for 200 SMS’ This is a far cry from the pricing four […]

Econet Data & SMS Bundles To Be Reviewed From 23 September

It’s happening again… Prices for data and SMS bundles will be going up once again for Econet subscribers on the 23rd of September. Smart data bouquets have been pretty messy with over 4 revisions since their introduction back in April. Econet hasn’t explicitly said the bundles will be increasing in pricing but they have said […]

As Expected New Econet Data Bundles More Expensive

Econet recently announced they would be revising the prices of their data bundles and true to their tune, they have done so. The new data bundles are more expensive than before but that what was widely expected from the moment we got word of a price change. How bad is it? The new daily bundles […]