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ZOL customers demand the ISP “justify” the most recent price hike – Are they the bad guys?

So ZOL increased their prices again yesterday. This you probably know if you read Techzim, are a ZOL customer or you just heard the outrage on social media. For the past few months, ZOL has been increasing prices pretty significantly and there really hasn’t been a clear explanation as to why the prices are going […]

ZOL announces price increase for the second time in 8 days!

8 days ago ZOL, customers got an email to the effect that prices were increasing exponentially and if that wasn’t enough to get your blood pressure up ZOL certainly has another surprise for you. They’ve sent out another email with yet another price increment. Yes, before you even got a chance to pay for your […]

Media Institute Of Southern Africa Zim Calls For Slashing Of Mobile Data Prices During Covid-19 Crisis

Media Institute of Southern Africa Zimbabwe (MISA Zimbabwe) has called for mobile operators in the country to slash data as the country tries to prevent the spread of the Novel Coronavirus. With companies closing offices left, right and centre as the country goes into lockdown, a number have said staff will be working from home […]

Working From Home? Here Are Your Internet Options

With the number of people working from home increasing by the day as companies take measures to stop the spread of the Novel Coronavirus. With that being said, those of you working from home will probably need an internet connection and we’ve rounded up the best options you probably have. For those of you looking […]

How Much Do People Pay For 100Mbps/Internet around The World?

Researchers from Picodi took a look at the pricing of 233 of the biggest fibre internet providers in 62 countries taking into consideration the following factors: How expensive is the internet? Where is surfing the net the cheapest? In which countries is super-fast internet easy accessible? The higher the speed the more you’ll pay – […]

SA Competition Commission Orders MTN & Vodacom To Reduce Data Prices By 30%-50%

For a significant time now, the price of data in South Africa has been declared as bias against the poor and yesterday the Commissioner of Competition Commission echoed the same sentiments again. We think there is scope to reduce these prices in the region of 30-50%. We have decided we will give the industry two […]

ZOL Introduces LTE Data Line To Compete With Econet & NetOne

In these trying times, businesses are forced to up their game and give customers the best experience possible. For ZOL that has meant rolling over data for capped subscribers, anniversary billing for uncapped subscribers and now the introduction of LTE data lines that will work on your phone. The data line will work with existing […]

Zambian Parliament Proposes Ban On Expiring Data Bundles: Here’s Why That’s A Bad Idea

The Zambian Parliament (unanimously) adopted a motion encouraging the government to ban internet service providers from having internet bundles that expire. The MP who proposed this motion felt that bundles should be transferable as this would benefit consumers and the current set up of expiring bundles actually benefits service providers more. Earlier this year, there […]

TelOne Introduces Two-Month Internet Package In Light Of The Crazy Power Cuts

As the electricity situation has gradually worsened, consumers of subscription services (i.e home internet/DStv) have to seriously consider whether they are getting any value from their subscriptions. With these doubts in mind, TelOne is introducing an interesting 15GB two-month package for $40. If you don’t use your home internet subscription extensively then this package will […]

Internet Balloons Getting Commercial Trial In Kenya

[Image source: Loon] Last year, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) partnered with Telkom Kenya in hopes of bringing internet delivering balloons to the Kenyan skies and the project is about to go into its testing phase. The commercial trial of Loon is reportedly set to take place later this year after the equipment has been delivered […]

ZOL Announces New Top-Up Packages For Wibroniks And A New Fibroniks Package

ZOL has announced a host of new Wibroniks Top-Up packages and one new Fibroniks package. The new Fibroniks Come Alive package will cost you US$99/RTGS$455.40 and subscribers get 150GB of data. ZOL has been constantly readjusting their pricing since the back end of 2018 in order to keep up with an economy that has been […]

Competition Commission In South Africa Says Data Is Too Expensive As Well

It seems like everyone is complaining about how expensive data is these days. The Competition Commission in South Africa has come out and said data is prohibitively expensive for South African subscribers in a recently published report. The commission’s report found that by international standards mobile prepaid data in South Africa is too expensive. In […]

POTRAZ DG: “When Tariffs Are Going Up, Salaries Should Be Going Up”

The pricing of mobile data in Zimbabwe has been a contentious issue for a long time now. Even before the recent increase in mobile data, locals were already agitated at the pricing of mobile data which, though it was reasonably priced (if you ask me) was outside the reach of many. The recent shift in […]