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The cost of 1GB mobile data around the world

Everyone is thinking it, we may as well be the first to answer the question: When I leave Zimbabwe, which country has the cheapest mobile data packages I can buy? (Disclaimer: Techzim is patriotic, it’s right there in the name.) We decided to look at the average mobile data prices from around our little blue […]

eLearning bundles have created a mobile data black market in Zimbabwe

I’m convinced Zimbabweans have an affinity for black markets. At the moment, we have a black market for fuel, foreign currency, groceries and over the past few weeks one for mobile data has emerged. “What is this guy talking about now”, you may be wondering? Well, it’s the new eLearning data bundles and how people […]

ZOL announces price increase for the second time in 8 days!

8 days ago ZOL, customers got an email to the effect that prices were increasing exponentially and if that wasn’t enough to get your blood pressure up ZOL certainly has another surprise for you. They’ve sent out another email with yet another price increment. Yes, before you even got a chance to pay for your […]

Econet’s New Bundle Prices Are Mostly The Same As Before

So Econet reviewed bundle prices as promised yesterday but on first glance you may actually fail to notice the difference. Most of the prices that have changed have done so marginally and Private WiFi bundles have not changed AT ALL. Phew! So what do the new bundles look like? Here’s a breakdown of the daily, […]

NetOne One-Fi VS Econet Private Wi-Fi – Who Offers Better Value? (May 2020)

Econet and NetOne recently adjusted the pricing of their mobile data – as has become the norm. There are 2 bundles that hadn’t been adjusted by either of the two operators in their last 2 tariff increases – the Private WiFi bundle from Econet and the One-Fi bundle from NetOne. When Econet announced new pricing […]

[Update] NetOne Revises Bundle Prices; Here’s What You’ll Pay Now (May 2020)

After the outcry by many regarding Econet’s decision to hike pricing of data bundles yesterday, NetOne has followed suit after 24 hours. UPDATE: When this article went up it contained innacuracies. The tariffs in the article were actually effected on the 17th of March. NetOne was yet to effect the new tariffs as they had […]

NetOne To Follow Econet’s Steps & Increase Bundle Prices

Following the price review effected by Econet, many consumers were ready to jump ship and go to NetOne but it seems most will not get the chance to do so. The network operator has announced that they will also review prices of SMS and data bundles tomorrow; Dear Valued Customer, Please be advised that NetOne […]

Econet Reviews Price Of Data Bundles – Here’s What You’ll Pay Now

Econet’s pricing for smart data bouquets has been reviewed as expected and here’s what subscribers will now pay for daily bundles Price (ZW$) Data allocation (MB) $5.5 20MB $11 40MB $20 80MB $37 150MB $60 250MB $80 600MB $130 1200MB Remember the days a $1 used to get you 250MB. Well, wake up! Those days […]

SMS & Data Bundles Price Hike Imminent For Econet Subscribers

Econet has announced that from the 4th of February it will reveal new prices for data and SMS bundles: Dear valued customer, Please note that our Data and SMS bundle prices will be reviewed effective Tuesday 4 February 2020. **All other prices remain unchanged. Whilst Telecel and NetOne are yet to announce similar tariff changes, […]

SA Competition Commission Orders MTN & Vodacom To Reduce Data Prices By 30%-50%

For a significant time now, the price of data in South Africa has been declared as bias against the poor and yesterday the Commissioner of Competition Commission echoed the same sentiments again. We think there is scope to reduce these prices in the region of 30-50%. We have decided we will give the industry two […]