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Protecting Monopoly Through COVID-19: EcoCash Scraps Fees For COVID Relief Funds

EcoCash has announced that they will be removing processing fees for cash transfers designated as COVID-19 relief funds. The move seems to be a direct response to the government choosing to exclusively distribute COVID-19 relief funds through OneMoney, the mobile money platform that rivals EcoCash. EcoCash has moved to remove all processing fees for cash […]

Propping Up NetOne At All Costs, Gvt To Distribute COVID 19 Funds Exclusively Through OneMoney

A quick glance at the most recent POTRAZ telecoms sector reports makes it clear that EcoCash is still the mobile money service used by most Zimbabweans with a market share of 91.9% and 98.9% of the total value of mobile money transactions. We were pretty surprised when it was brought to our attention (on good […]