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Liquid Telecom sets up Hai, another Internet provider, in Zambia

Recently, Liquid Telecom the African telecoms infrastructure company announced the launch of Hai, a new Internet Service Provider and retail internet brand. Hai opened its doors in Zambia first, and there are plans to establish a presence in Rwanda and Kenya shortly.

Liquid Telecom enters into partnership with MTN

Liquid Telecom, the Pan- African Telecoms infrastructure company has entered into a partnership with another African telecoms giant, MTN. This is part of an arrangement meant to ensure that the customers for both companies benefit from a wide fixed and wireless footprint.

Liquid Telecom has upped the ante on services, not just the infrastructure

There’s a pattern that is emerging in all of this – Liquid is striking a balance between the infrastructure and services, defining a clearer role for itself in value addition and not just focusing on fibre optic rollout.