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Mahindra Comviva Let’s Go Of Its Payments Interoperability Startup

We were quite enthusiastic when TerraPay, a startup incubated by Mahindra Comviva obtained a license to do cross border payments from South Africa in 2017. We haven’t seen much movement on interoperability of payments across borders since then though. Mahindra Comviva (the company which owns the Mobiquity system which powers EcoCash) has sold its stake […]

NetOne Subscribers Can Now Receive Money From The Diaspora Through World Remit

NetOne subscribers will now be able to receive money from the diaspora directly on their mobile phones. The Mobile Network Operator has partnered with World Remit. Will I get the money in USD? In this economy, one would want to know whether the money being sent to them will be received in USD or if […]

Mukuru assures USD cash to money transfer recipients in Zimbabwe

Recently, Mukuru announced that due to the shortage of the Rand in Zimbabwe, it had temporarily suspended South African Rand transfers to Zimbabwe. Suspended in that recipients here can’t collect their money in Rand. Big deal for the recipient? Ofcourse not, Zimbabweans are not exactly clamouring to get Rand. It’s USD cash they want. For the sender, again, […]