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Online funeral coordination platform launched is a Zimbabwean online event management platform that allows one to manage a funeral it was recently launched online. It capitalises on the internet to provide a centralized method for disseminating information and coordinating funerals among family members, friends and colleagues

Ebola in Zimbabwe: people take action through social media

If there’s one thing that everyone will agree with, the thought of Ebola in Zimbabwe isn’t just disturbing, it’s terrifying. It’s hard to forget how we struggled with Cholera in 2008, and easy to imagine the horrors that can will accompany any sign of this virus on our doorstep. Although the state has “beefed up its efforts” […]

Zim app on iOS and Windows seeks $160k

A while ago we wrote about Twigle, the bird identification app developed by local startup Avelgood and its launch on the Windows Phone Store. This time Twigle has been made available to Apple users following its release on iOS. With thousands of downloads on the Windows Phone Store thanks to a solid bird watching audience particularly […]

Jumpstart tackles funding for startups

At Jumpstart’s last meeting held on 13 June 2012,  entrepreneurs had a chance to explore various funding models available to them. The keynote speaker at the event was Munya Chiura, Head of Africa Operations for Grow VC a venture capital platform specialising in matching investors and start-ups using the crowdfunding model. The core of Chiura’s message […]