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Enough with the crypto scams already, help prevent them

Another day, another “Zimbabweans lose millions of USD in a Ponzi scheme” headline. This time the relatively new cryptocurrency scam struck to the tune of over USD$5 million. What happened this time? Martin Mhlanga (the schemer) is sitting pretty somewhere after promising his victims fantastic returns on their investments and then failing to deliver. Mhlanga […]

Coinbase in a hacking scare as exchange sends emails in error

In an early article, I warned about how the ease of using wallets provided by crypto exchanges can lull you into a false sense of security. This is because it seems these days large scale crypto-heists targeting exchanges are on the rise. Users of the very popular platform Coinbase were recently reminded of this fact […]

PayPal users in the UK can now buy, hold and sell Bitcoin too

At the end of March this year PayPal pulled a surprise when it announced that US PayPal account holders could now buy Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum right from their dashboards. This seemed like an experiment and if it was it seems to be going well too. Now PayPal has just extended this feature to PayPal […]

Election integrity, music royalties & other use cases for cryptos and blockchain technology

Part two of our discussion on the benefits of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is a more focused one. In this episode, we look at the use cases for the blockchain and cryptos that go beyond financial services. And I was joined yet again by Financial Services Lawyer and Blockchain Technology Analyst, Prosper Mwedzi. You can […]

Bitcoin price fluctuations and how Zim is being lapped in the crypto adoption race

Bitcoin and altcoin price fluctuation is a complex topic to get to the bottom of. There are a number of factors that influence their price. Some factors are apparent while others are in the realm of speculation. To shed light on what causes the dips and peaks in the price of Bitcoin we were joined […]

Some Zimbabweans report being kicked off Coinbase & Binance platform

A number of Zimbabweans have revealed on social media that their Binance and/or Coinbase accounts were recently restricted. They were then asked to withdraw their funds to other wallets or risk losing them. After that their accounts were permanently deactivated. In all instances their offence seems to have been that they are Zimbabwe. One user […]

Pornhub could push Bitcoin price even higher than the current USD22 577

Adult entertainment website Pornhub after being ditched by VISA and MasterCard is now only accepting payment in cryptos. What could that do the already climbing price of Bitcoin?

ZIMBOCASH still working on their payments platform. Promises solution in a few weeks…

ZIMBOCASH launched their payments platform to a lot of fanfare earlier this year. Unfortunately for the team behind ZASH, they did not anticipate that people would try to create multiple accounts and hog value. This is what happened and ZIMBOCASH subsequently decided to take down the Peer to peer (P2P) payment platform. Today ZASH account […]

ZIMBOCASH says they had stopped payments to counter scammers

ZIMBOCASH account holders have been unable to transact using the digital currency for over a week and a half now. Earlier today ZIMBOCASH sent an email out to the subscribers explaining the cause of downtime. It seems scammers who were creating multiple accounts were the main reason why ZIMBOCASH decided to hault payments. The email […]

ZIMBOCASH shares more details regarding marketplaces, merchant on-boarding and their mobile app

A week and a half ago, ZIMBOCASH announced that they had enabled peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions and in two days they managed to get 13 000 transactions. In addition to the number of transactions, their press statement also noted that a number of people where using the digital currency to transact on marketplaces that were popping […]

UNICEF avails 100k funding opportunity for blockchain startups

The UNICEF Innovation Fundis looking to makeup to $100K equity-free investments (in USD and/or cryptocurrency) to provide early stage (seed) financing and mentoring to for-profit technology startups that have the potential to benefit humanity.   Applicants have the opportunity to receive a portion of funding in cryptocurrency (bitcoin or ether) through their recently launched CryptoFund. Given the current global […]

Zim Government To Partner With Fintech To Issue Gold-Backed Digital Currency

There’s a widespread belief that the Zimbabwean government along with other African states will be announcing Apollo Fintech as their partner in launching digital currencies. Rumours are the coin will be gold-backed and the CEO of Apollo Fintech recently confirmed they are working with a country on a gold-backed coin: We have gotten a large […]

Over US$11 Billion Has Been Hacked In Crypto Exchanges Since 2011

When the merits of cryptocurrencies are raised one point which is heavily stressed is the fact that these digital currencies remove the need for banks. Whilst this is attractive (more so if you’re Zimbabwean) very rarely do evangelists of cryptocurrencies speak about how the removal of financial institutions and by extension authorities meant to protect […]

More Details Regarding China’s Digital Currency Emerge

The People’s Bank of China recently confirmed that the development of its digital currency is “progressing smoothly”. Though the central bank didn’t offer any other detail like a launch date or how the currency will co-exist with mobile money – already a big deal in China. A number of details have been recently shared by […]

Add Qatar To The Countries That Have Banned Cryptos…

If you thought the dawn of a new year would mean less animosity from governments towards cryptos, think again. Qatar has become the latest country to ban crypto trading. Qatar’s financial regulator – QFC (Qatar Financial Centre)- blocked trading of all crypto asset services: Virtual Asset Services may not be conducted in or from the […]

BitClub Network Turns Out To Be US$722million Scam…

In August of 2018, we authored an article titled Bitclub Network Is Running A Large Scale Bitcoin Mining Pool And They’re Now In Harare. Invest At Your Own Risk. 15 months later, 3 men connected with BitClub have been arrested for allegedly defrauding investors out of US$722 million. A number of people in the comments […]

Cryptocurrency Exchange Faces $1.4 Trillion Lawsuit

Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange, Bitfinex, and its subsidiary Tether Ltd have a legal battle to contend with, following lawsuit filed against the two entities in the US. The lawsuit specifically accused Bitfinex and its subsidiary of creating a ‘sophisticated scheme’ that took advantage of the cryptocurrency innovation to “defraud investors, manipulate markets and conceal illicit […]

Scammers Already Claiming They Can Sell You Facebook’s Libra Currency, Though It Isn’t Out Yet

You might have heard about Facebook’s grand plans for a global cryptocurrency – Libra. Whilst there is a lot of excitement surrounding this cryptocurrency, scammers are already coming out of the gate and claiming they will sell you the crypto, though it hasn’t even been launched as of yet. Fraudsters are creating fake websites that […]

Facebook’s Libra Won’t Be Introduced In Countries That Ban Crypto’s Or Are Under US Sanctions

Whilst it looks like Facebook will have to deal with some regulatory hurdles before rolling out, another stumbling block will be the country’s attitude towards cryptos and whether or not that country is under sanctions. Techcrunch spoke to a Calibra spokesperson who cited that sanctions and hostility towards cryptos is a no-no: The Libra Blockchain […]

Calibra -Crypto Wallet- For Storing Facebook’s Libra Currency Coming In 2020

Facebook unexpectedly announced their digital currency -Libra- yesterday. Whilst there are many details regarding the currency itself, the crypto wallet for holding Libra hasn’t gotten as much coverage. Calibra is said to be launching in 2020 and the website suggests that it will be integrated with other Facebook apps, namely WhatsApp and Messenger. It’s not […]

Did You Know Utopia Exists? Well, Sort Of And It’s Powered By Blockchain

Liberland has a passionate leader, a committed populace, a working draft of a constitution, and huge plans for what’s to come. Vit Jedlička , the President of Liberland, a small self-proclaimed microstate on a patch of land between Croatia and Serbia, is looking to use a new cryptocurrency called ‘Merit’ to underpin his vision for […]

Local Startup Incubator Launching Crypto-School

A local Incubator by the name SUNFund (Start-Up Nation) has announced that they will be launching a crypto school in Harare in the near future. In a press release they sent us they announced this new school that has already begun enrollment and will be starting out their classes in a weeks time on the […]

You Can Now Buy Crypto’s Straight From The Opera Browser

The Opera Browser has always been enthusiastic about crypto. If you recall, Opera became one of the first mainstream browsers with a built-in crypto wallet last year. Though some people’s faith and the hype surrounding cryptos has died down a bit, Opera shall not be shaken. They are still paying attention to that space and they […]

Crypto Exchange Investors Lose $190m After Death Of Exchange Founder

The death of the founder of QuadrigaCX – the largest Canadian cryptocurrency exchange- last December is proving to be as expensive as it was unfortunate. It’s estimated the founder died with the only encryption key to the exchange’s $190m. If a court filing by Jennifer Robertson -widow to the deceased- is to be believed then […]

Finance Minister Says Zimbabwe Should Be Investing In Understanding Cryptocurrencies

There is a ray of hope for cryptocurrencies fans in Zimbabwe after the new Finance Minister, Professor Mthuli Ncube showed a clear interest in digital currencies. He said that The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe should take advantage of the knowledge young people who know about cryptocurrencies in Zimbabwe have and come up with conducive regulation […]

Study 263 Just Turned One And They Are Shaking Up Their Remittance Business

Some of you may remember Study 263 -the remittance company that was making it possible to send money from Zim to SA or vice-versa using Bitcoin. They recently turned 1 this past weekend and they have been working on some interesting new packages to keep their business relevant. How did it work? Well Study 263 […]

Opera Becomes First Web Browser To Introduce Built-in Crypto Wallet

With cryptocurrencies continuing to be one of the most popular ways of starting new businesses these days, users will need a secure place to store their crypto-wealth. Opera wants them to use a browser, that’s why it has unveiled a new ‘Opera Browser with Crypto Wallet’, billed as the world’s first browser with a built-in crypto […]