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Customers Left Confused By Golix’s Silence During Crisis

The month of May has been a rollercoaster for Zimbabwe’s most popular crypto exchange, Golix. At the beginning of the month, Golix were putting together plans for ICO which would have helped them to launch their own GLX token. These plans were halted when the central bank decided to ban cryptos. The ban was overturned […]

The case of ZOL and its billing system (Update)

The general concept in any fair business transaction is that one party pays an agreed amount to get a specific product or service from the other party. If the money offered is not adequate or if the product does not meet the agreed specifications then a problem arises. With ZOL and their billing services it […]

Telecel Zimbabwe to establish higher capacity Avaya based call center

Two days ago we published an update of Telecel’s annual strategy and operations as had been provided at a press conference in Harare. In the update, Telecel disclosed that they will be, in the coming weeks, commissioning a new call center to improve the company’s customer support. Telecel issued a separate press release to announce […]

Econet fixes website access issue. Our thoughts on customer support

Last week, we complained that we couldn’t connect to the Econet websites unless we used an Econet Internet connection. We don’t use Econet for Internet at the office and we write about the mobile operator regularly so you can understand how it affected us. We were also not happy that this had gone on for months despite notifying Econet about it.