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What Can Be Done About Cyberbullying & Cyber Harassment?

I was approached by a fellow executive on how he could legally pursue and remove malicious information that is online. For years, Zimbabwean high profile individuals, executives and business owners have fallen victim to cyberbullying, Cyber Harassment and revenge p*rn. The internet has had a massive impact on many areas of personal and professional life, […]

EU: Facebook & Twitter Have Gotten Better At Removing Hate Speech

Though one might not be able to tell by just glancing at the two social media sites; Twitter and Facebook have apparently improved how quickly they remove hate speech from their platforms. The improvement is sizeable as well. A report released by the European Commission states that YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are removing 72% of hate-speech […]

Strive Masiyiwa Says Certain Businessmen Have Grudges With Him & Are Behind The Cyber-Bullying Incidents

Cyber Bullying has rarely been a topic of conversation in Africa and Zimbabwe. Maybe it’s because people are tending to more pressing issues such as poverty and this has led to cyberbullying taking a backseat but it seems that might be changing in 2019 after the “Cyberbullying incident” involving the wife of high profile businessmen […]

War Of Words Between Strive Mayisiwa & Jonathan Moyo Continues

Strife Strive Masiyiwa’s move to delete his Twitter account in support of his wife’s boycott of the social media platform seems to be a never ending saga as the feud is roping in many other people and it seems now there’s a beef between Strive and Former Minister Jonathan Moyo. Jonathan Moyo was vocal (as […]

Was Tsitsi Masiyiwa Really Bullied On Twitter?

2019 has started with a bang already and it’s no surprise that the drama is coming from Twitter. Strive Masiyiwa and his wife Tsitsi quit Twitter because they felt there was cyberbullying being directed towards Tsitsi. Mrs Masiyiwa had tweeted: Some outcries and actions in pursuit of justice seem and look so right until you […]

Twitter adds features to help you ignore cyber bullies and trolls

Twitter recently introduced new features that allow everyone to filter content and effectively control what we see and who we interact with. The notifications feature allows you to switch off  notifications from people you do not follow. Meaning, if someone you do not follow was to comment, retweet or like a tweet you have posted, […]