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The doomed cybersecurity effort

The cyber security bill has been the talk of the nation for a while now. People are already misinterpreting several parts of it, as is common with legislation. Our focus today is not on the bill and its contents but rather the doomed nature of it all in the global scope of information technology and […]

Over 30% Of Banking Malware Attacks Last Year Targeted Corporate Users

In 2019, 773,943 users of Kaspersky solutions globally were attacked by banking Trojans. Of those users, a third (35.1%) were in the corporate sector. African countries were affected too: almost every hundredth user (varying from 0,9 to 1%) in South Africa, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Kenya was attacked by banking Trojans at least once during the […]

Security Firm Details How Nigerian Scammer Made US$100 000+ From Cybercrime

CheckPoint Research (CPR) is a security firm famous for revealing how the WhatsApp end-to-end encryption can be intercepted and altered in a relatively simple manner. That same research firm also recently shared how a Nigerian cybercriminal made hundreds of thousands of dollars using common cybercrime tactics. “Dton” -the cybercriminal- has been active for 7 years […]

CABS Dismisses Cyber Attack Allegations

A recent social media post by journalist Hopewell Chin’ono shared a Facebook post by a person claiming that CABS had been hacked and funds were being withdrawn: Someone has got illegal access to the CABS payment system. Funds are being withdrawn from accounts. Reports are being made at the moment to Police Stations. I am […]

Alleged eMAP Hack Leaves Parents At The Mercy Of Cybercriminals

Cybercrime has taken a life of its own in Zimbabwe and the US$42 million lost due to cybercrime in the first quarter of 2019 should’ve been enough to force our government to act more decisively regarding this issue but that’s not the case. Cybercrime is still here and card cloning stories make their way into […]

CABS Says We Don’t Ask For Customer’s Pins After Cyber Criminal Steals $26 000

Card cloning and cybercrime in the financial sector is here and here to stay. In the first quarter of 2019 alone $42 million was lost due to cybercrime and less than $1.5 million was recovered. In a recent case, a CABS client -Reuben Mpofu- lost was defrauded of over $26000 through cybercrime. Though the criminals […]

$42 Million Lost In The First Quarter Of 2019 Due To Cybercrime

If you’ve been following the issues of card cloning and cybercrime locally, you’ll know that the country is woefully ill-prepared to deal with this problem. According to stats produced by the ZRP over $40 million has been lost to cybercrime in the first quarter of 2019 alone. That’s quite the number and presents a huge […]

How Cyber-crime Affects Our Children And The Role They Play In It

A few days back, we carried out a survey on our WhatsApp contacts and this revealed that at least 6 out of 10 people have an element of their personal lives (children`s names, own name or significant other`s details) in their passwords. That is a crazy 60% of the people in the survey have their […]

Card Cloning Epidemic Continues As Cloning Crew Steals $69 000

By going cashless the government was supposed to end the gruelling queues and demand for cash and make it easier to transact. What’s happened in reality isn’t that simple. Transacting has gotten prohibitively expensive and card cloning has become an issue that authorities have simply failed to deal with. Rarely does a month goes by […]

Bulawayo Citizen Loses $40 000 To Card Cloning Scheme

A widow in Bulawayo lost over $40 000 in the most recent case of card cloning. Timmy Kuzhangaira allegedly cloned her late husband’s bank card details before going on to complete a number of transactions in retail. It’s been reported that whilst Ms Watson (the widow) was paying for her groceries in a Bulawayo supermarket […]

Mangudya: Banks Should Submit Cybersecurity Policies By 31 March 2019

During the Monetary Policy Statement delivered earlier on today, RBZ Governor gave banks an ultimate to ensure that they bolster their security in order to fight against the ever-growing Cybercrime threats that were becoming more widespread in the country. The governor has given banks upto 31 March 2019 to have hand-in their cybersecurity policies. Mangudya […]

“Cyber Crime One Of The Greatest Threats To Zimbabwe” – Zimbabwe National Army

Still fresh in the minds of many Zimbabweans is how the Zimbabwe National Army staged a ‘coup-not-coup’ and managed to “remove the criminals around the President”. So successful were they at their whole effort that our dear President, who’d be calling the shots for 37 years, opted to call it a day. Further, Zimbabweans know […]

Zimbabwean Parliament to debate draft ICT laws as President cites growing threat of cybercrime

The Parliament of Zimbabwe is expected to debate 3 pieces of draft legislation on cybercrime, electronic transactions and data protection as the government prepares to deal with increasing cyber threats.

Ownai, the new Tengai experiences brief downtime, some suspect another hack

Ownai, the new version of Tengai wasn’t accessible for an extended interval, with visitors to the URL being directed to a page carrying a 504 Gateway Timeout error message. Usually, this is diagnosed as a network error between servers, but because of the history that Tengai had with security breaches, some people have opined that this could have been another attack.

What should the new laws on Zimbabwean cybercrime consider?

The local press recently carried the story of Brighton Berejena, a Zimbabwean ICT professional who acted unethically by accessing his former employer’s internet service, disabled five servers and changed some of the passwords. As the former IT administrator for a company called Kreamorn Investment, he had all the necessary intelligence to access the company’s system […]

Zimbabwe ICT Policy, cyber-crime bill are nowhere in sight

It’s been 9 years since the Zimbabwean government made a pledge to come up with legislation to curb cyber crime. Of course, there’s no point in holding on to political pledges really. It’s just that it helps give a clear indication of how long we’ve been kicking an issue around. Now that we are in 2015, what […]

Thieves using Dipleague email classifieds to target their victims

Beware of two guys and a woman driving a blue Honda RVR pretending to be buyers. They stole a Toshiba laptop, $500(money) and an iPhone 4s from me Saturday afternoon. Value $2500. They called from the following number +263 779xxxxxx. Woman is short and dark in complexion maybe in her mid 30′s and one of men was tall and looked very frail in health. The driver of the car seemed in his mid 40′s and was short n slim.

Zim police join the cyber warfare

The Computer society of Zimbabwe has taken lead in finding solutions to our cyber crime ravaged society but this time, they have asked the Criminal Investigation Department (C.I.D) Serious Fraud`s input to find lasting solutions to this new phenomenon.

Zambian telecoms regulator fighting cybercrime

A report on BizTechAfrica says Zambia’s telecommunications sector regulator, ZICTA, has established Computer Incident Response Teams in locations around the Southern African country to fight cybercrime. The teams are meant to help with awareness of cyberthreats affecting organisations and individuals.

Digital Forensics: the primer

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are now considered the cornerstone of every economy, transforming the way business is done while significantly impacting governments and communities. ICTs have contributed to the rapid development and reformation of economies while enhancing productivity and remodelling the flow of capital.