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[Update] ZimLive Now Accepts Donations – Local Media Companies Continue Search For Perfect Business Model

If you’re an avid ZimLive reader you would have noticed that the online publication accepts donations by now. Similar to The Guardian which places a plea for donation at the end of each article, ZimLive is asking its readers to spare what they can to help improve the quality of content they output. Why donations? […]

Daily News Abandons Subscription Model; News Behind A Paywall On The Internet Is A Hard Sell

The Daily News took to Twitter (the tweet has since been deleted) to announce that readers would now be able to access their content on the internet: VISIT OUR WEBSITE AND READ ALL THE NEWS FOR FREE!! https://dailynews.co.zw Even though the tweet was taken down, I did manage to access Daily News and I have no […]

The Most Popular Online News Platforms In Zimbabwe (March 2018)

Back in March, we published a list of Zimbabwe’s most popular online news platforms and the list released in March contained statistics from February. We promised that the list would be continuously updated going forward and we are back with the statistics from the month of March. The list has different statistics that paint a clear picture […]

[Updated]: The Most Popular Online News Platforms In Zimbabwe (February 2018)

Following Trevor Ncube’s tweet concerning what he perceived to be the leading online news publications, we thought it best to make a more inclusive list that has more publications. The list has different statistics that paint a clear picture on the followership of the 27 sites, covering their website viewership numbers as well as their followership on popular […]

Newspapers Decided To Step Down Their Online Presence To Drive Hardcopy Sales And Curb Piracy. Bad Idea

Traditional news publishers Herald, Newsday and Daily News recently decided to stop publishing full stories on their online platforms. Maybe the publishers believe this move will prevent online publications from stealing content from their sites since the information will now only be available in their physical publication. This is also to drive sales for physical […]

The Financial Gazette acquired by ANZ, publishers of the Daily News

Techzim is reliably informed that Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe (ANZ), the media company that owns the Daily News and other titles, has acquired The Financial Gazette, popularly known as just Fingaz. Fingaz is one of Zimbabwe’s most iconic weekly papers and covers mostly business news via a newspaper and online presence. Information that ANZ was acquiring Modus […]

How your data is spent when you visit a Zimbabwean website, including Techzim!

image credit: abine.com Online ads are annoying, intrusive and a major distraction. Not only do they frustrate website visitors but are reported to take up to 40% of your data and a significant amount of battery life. 40% is a considerable amount to lose to ads, especially with the high costs of data in Zimbabwe. Your […]

Newspaper readership in Zimbabwe continues to decline – ZAMPS 2013

We just came from the announcement of the Zimbabwe All Media Products Survey (ZAMPS) by the Zimbabwe Advertising and Research Foundation in Harare. A key takeaway, and what us media folk focus on is the press readership. As has been the trend for a couple of years now, the readership of newspapers continues to decline. […]

Unsurprisingly, newspaper readership in Zimbabwe keeps declining

It’s not surprising really. The writing appeared on the wall years ago. And the translation handed down just as far back. While physical newspapers will not die anytime soon, the consumer of news is moving on. To the internet. Today, local daily newspapers The Herald and The Daily News published the results of the Zimbabwe […]

The Daily News website suffers hacking

One of Zimbabwe’s 3 most read daily newspapers, the Daily News, had its website hacked yesterday. An email tip we got, and a tweet early Sunday morning say the site was showing the page  below instead of the usual content. From what we can see so far the hacking appears to be one of those […]

Herald’s sms service leaves rival’s in the dust

This last month (May) we at Techzim have been using the Herald and Sunday Mail  service known as MobileNEWS and we have not been disappointed by it. The two newspapers are the flagship titles in the Zimpapers stable. Everyday, like clock work, at 6.00am the service has delivered the papers’ headlines to our mobile phone. In […]

The Daily News website having issues again

We received a tip from a reader in the morning today advising us that the Daily News website (www.dailynews.co.zw) was down. So we did the usual checks and indeed it was down. A content delivery network service – used on the site – called CloudFlare was reporting that the site was offline.

The internet traffic ranking of Zimbabwe’s news websites (Feb 2012 stats)

The internet traffic local news websites has never really been measured and talked about in a standard way. The website owners typically just communicate their own traffic stats when they reach a milestone or break a record or just for the sake of selling advertising and these stats are never verified by a third party.

The Internet and the declining newspaper readership in Zimbabwe

Almost a month ago, the Zimbabwe All Media and Products Survey (Zamps) released the results of a quarterly newspaper readership survey that the organisation carries out. The results are the for the last quarter of 2011 and according to reports in the media, the survey results showed that print news readership in Zimbabwe has started to decline. While reports refer to the decline as ‘modest’, the writing on the wall is clear, news consumption as we know it has changed.

Google Zimbabwe’s 2011 top searches: ‘Facebook replaces Zimbabwe’

The most noticeable change on the top web searches when compared to last year’s top searches, is that “Zimbabwe” the most popular web search term in 2010, has been replaced by “Facebook”. Not sure if this means Zimbabweans are now more interested in logging onto Facebook than knowing about their country. One clear suggestion though to derive from this is that the web is getting more and more an everyday common man (social) tool than just the work and educational tool it was before.

After just a day, the Daily News website goes down again

The Daily News website is down. Again. Why they pulled it down is anyone’s guess right now. SW Radio Africa reported yesterday that the editor of the paper, Stanley Gama, had told them the website had been restored online yesterday after a month of downtime. The reason for the downtime given by the editor is that they are “making further developments and modernising in line with modern websites around the world”.

The Daily News website goes offline

The website of one of Zimbabwe’s most read daily newspapers, The Daily News, is down. We’re told by a reader that the website has been this way since at least yesterday morning. Currently, opening the www.dailynews.co.zw address loads a ‘403 Forbidden’ page served by the web hosting company.

Zimbabwe paper’s questionable attack on Trustco

As Techzim we are obliged to promote debate and dialogue. We were surprised to read an article in this morning’s Daily News (A Zimbabwe daily) that we believe was not generous with facts. The article’s opening shot begins by describing Trustco as “a company that appears to talk very big about itself”, and proceeds to stage a series of assaults on the company, most of it factually incorrect and misleading.