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Dandemutande has more on the way on top of Facebook powered Wi-Fi hotspots

Dandemutande is probably the most soft-spoken internet provider in Zimbabwe. Most would be forgiven for thinking that the mobile internet, broadband and VSAT market only consists of ZOL and TelOne. This is of course incorrect because, in terms of market presence, Dandemutande is up there with the other players. The company yesterday held a launch […]

Dandemutande & Facebook launch Wi-Fi hotspots with cheap bundles & 30-mins free access

Local internet access provider (IAP), Dandemutande yesterday held an event where it announced that it has partnered up with Facebook on its international Express Wi-Fi initiative. The program is a way to increase internet penetration by offering Wi-Fi services to underserved communities at affordable rates Location location location With Dandemutande on board, Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi […]

Dandemutande wins Sophos Synchronized Security Partner of the Year 2021

Local ISP and ICT technology company Dandemutande has been awarded the Synchronized Security Partner of the Year 2021 Award by Sophos (a British security software company). Dandemutande was able to beat out all of Sophos’ partners in Zimbabwe and was recognised for outstanding performance and commitment to securing its customers. Sophos is one of the […]

Utande slashes LTE package prices by about 18%

Entry-level package now cheaper than TelOne Blaze and ZOL Wibroniks uncapped.

Dandemutande CEO sheds more light on Utande LTE

There’s more to come from Utande LTE and Dandemutande in 2021

Utande launches LTE internet service

More competition for Blaze and Wibroniks.

Dandemutande also has vehicle tracking service – How is it different from TelOne’s Teltrack?

Last week, TelOne launched their vehicle tracking service Teltrack and following the launch event Dandemutande reps reached out to us and informed us that they had a similar product on the market. In fact, Dandemutande’s Fleet Management System (FMS) has been on the market since last year and they are currently offering the service to […]

Dandemutande offering eLearning software for schools and universities

By now, we all know that COVID-19 adversely affected learning at all levels of education. Locally, children have been unable to physically attend school for over half a year now and a number of schools have resorted to eLearning. Dandemutande saw the need for a learning platform and built the Learning Management System they are […]

Utande Customers Still Had Internet For Some Time After Blackout, Here’s How It Happened

So around mid day on Tuesday the 15th the whole of Zimbabwe was cut off from the internet. The government directed all internet service providers to flip the switch to off. They wanted to stop the flow of information amidst protests that had turned violent. Not all the internet went off all at once though. […]

Utande Increases Wimax Prices: Still Offering The Cheapest Unlimited Internet

These days if you want cheap ( below $100) unlimited internet your option are pretty much limited these days. Powertel, Aquiva and Dandemutande are the only providers that I know right now who have unlimited packages south of the sacred $100 mark. It would seem however that Utande has followed in the footsteps of ZOL […]

Here Are Yahclick-Utande’s VSAT Packages And Their Pricing

So about two weeks ago I noticed Facebook ads advertising Utande’s YahClick VSAT packages. We had previously announced that these two are teaming up to provide affordable VSAT packages aimed at the majority of Zimbabwe’s population who live in rural and remote areas. Here are the packages on offer The good news is that despite […]

Africa’s Leading Satellite Internet Provider Partners With Utande To Introduce New Internet Solution In Zimbabwe

Nowadays when I go to launch events I am cautiously optimistic. After Kwese TV’s launch last year we quickly learned that announcement of a new product does not equate to a great offering that will shake things up as much as we anticipate. Zimbabwe’s internet landscape is another industry that also requires similar shake-ups and […]

BREAKING: Internet Access Provider, Dandemutande Has A New CEO

Dandemutande has announced the resignation of Nhena Nyagura from the position of CEO. The communication from the board just says Nhena is leaving to pursue other interests. The board has thus appointed Never Ncube to take over the ship. Ncube was already serving Dandemutande as Chief Financial Officer. The board announced this development simply: The […]

Big Zimbabwean internet provider, Dandemutande, suffers major outage. Zimbabwe’s addresses momentarily rendered unavailable

Techzim is reliably informed that Dandemutande, one of the internet access providers in Zimbabwe, has suffered a major outage rendering some of its key services unavailable. The company was hit by a major power outage at one of its data centers in Harare on the morning of Thursday 26 October 2017. The outage apparently resulted in […]

More ISPs increase prices in response to new Internet tax

Last week we wrote that Liquid Telecom had increased its internet prices following a new 5% tax on the internet by the government. Other providers have started to announce price increases. One of the 3 largest internet providers in the country, Dandemutande, advised its customers in a letter this week. Here: Dear Valued Customers RE: S1 SPECIAL […]

BREAKING NEWS: Dandemutande Acquires YoAfrica (PRESS RELEASE)

Dandemutande Investments, one of Zimbabwe’s leading Broadband Internet Access Providers today announced that it had acquired YoAfrica, a leading Enterprise Service Provider in Zimbabwe. This acquisition combines the strength of YoAfrica with that of Dandemutande and allows the combined business to harness YoAfrica’s best-in-class technical expertise with Dandemutande’s market leadership, infrastructure and Pan African reach […]

Dandemutande entering EBITDA profitability. Here’s the ownership structure after merger

According to the results, Dandemutande, after years of losses, was now entering profitability at an EBITDA level based on the 2015 fourth quarter performance.

Dandemutande expands VSAT lineup, launches mobile satellite solution

Despite a strong focus on VSAT solutions in the past through its subsidiary iWay Africa, this is the first time that Dandemutande has provided a mobile satellite solution, something that points to an increased focus on the revenue potential of a diversified VSAT services portfolio.

uMAX launches skyMAX, a $150/150GB internet package

skyMAX comes with 150 GB of data for $150 with maximum speeds of 5 Mbps. There is also an option to recharge an exhausted skyMAX subscription with top ups of 1 GB priced at $1 each. skyMAX also comes with uMAX’s unlimited free night browsing offer which was introduced over a year ago.

iWayAfrica embraces POTRAZ fees adjustment, slashes VSAT prices

Following on the heels of the VSAT fees adjustment administered by the regulator, POTRAZ, iWayAfrica, a local internet service provider has drastically reduced the cost of its VSAT packages.

4th mobile operator on the cards as Shingi Munyeza consortium plans LTE network

A group of local investors that include former Telecel Zimbabwe CEO Francis Mawindi and former African Sun CEO, Dr Shingi Munyeza is set to launch a 4G/LTE network by the end of the year. This is meant to provide competition to existing players like Econet, NetOne and Telecel, while also entering the Pay TV services arena.

Exclusive: Dandemutande, iWayAfrica & AfricaOnline merging

We have received information that local Internet Access Provider Dandemutande, the company behind the uMAX service, will be merging with two internet service providers, iWayAfrica and AfricaOnline. This move comes as the entities seek to establish a competitive advantage in a competitive operating environment that has been very brutal on every operator. Yesterday we wrote […]

uMAX company, Dandemutande, in 4th annual consecutive loss

Masawara’s annual results for the year ended December 2014, show that Dandemutande, a subsidiary they own, went through a 4th consecutive loss making year, posting of a loss of US $1.2 million. The loss has however improved from the $2.1 million posted in 2013. Dandemutande is the internet provider behind the uMAX and Utande brands. Dandemutande however managed to increase revenue […]

Would Masawara buy Telecel from Vimpelcom?

A new dimension of a possible buyer emerged today following the talks yesterday between Vimpelcom and the ICT minister to find a solution to the Telecel closure. Apparently Masawara may buy Vimpelcom’s  share in Telecel Zimbabwe. A New Zimbabwe article says government plans to “force” Vimpelcom to sell to Masawara. The article doesn’t say if Masawara would actually […]

The $32 million fibre project from Powertel: A sign of better service and tariffs to come?

No, It’s not rebranding again but ZESA Holdings’ IAP Powertel was in the Herald today for “getting a fibre connectivity via Botswana”. Not that this should be taken as anything new really, considering the fibre backbone that runs though Botswana has been around for years and at one point carried most of Zimbabwe’s traffic. Who can forget […]

Shift to Application & Infrastructure Hosting #ZimBroadband presentation

A presentation by Dandemutande CEO, Michele Scanlon at the 2014 Broadband Forum in Harare. She spoke about the app & infrastructure hosting and trends on he continent, hosting locally, hybrid cloud infrastructure, and what all tis means for Zimbabwe. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney […]

Dandemutande in 3rd year of losses. Hopeful of breakeven in 2014

Masawara PLC, investors in Dandemutande, announced its 2013 financials today revealing that Dandemutande made a third consecutive annual loss in the year. Dandemutande made an EBITDA loss $2.1 million. The loss has however decreased year on year by about 41%, from the $3.6 million incurred in 2012. According to the report Dandemutande is also registering strong growth in business evidenced by 46% growth […]

Exciting presentations lined up for 2014 Broadband Forum

Its 8 days to go until Zimbabwe’s 2014 Broadband Forum which will be a meeting point for thought leaders and contributors of broadband infrastructure and services as whole. Seven speakers will be making rich presentations covering a diversity of topics that emphasise the current broadband landscape, the opportunities and impact in Zimbabwe and on the continent. The speakers […]

Dandemutande appoints new CEO, Michele Scanlon

New Dandemutande CEO, Michele Scanlon. Image credit: Dandemutande Dandemutande, the company behind the uMax and Utande internet provider brands, has just announced the coming on of as new CEO, Michèle Scanlon, to take over from Russell Clinton who stepped down back 2012. Well, Scanlon actually takes over from Mike Weeden who was in the interim CEO role […]

Dandemutande chairman comments on uMAX losses & shareholder confidence

Earlier today we posted an article titled “uMAX incurs $4.9 million loss. Shareholders express low confidence”. We noted in the article, as the title says, that the contents of the annual report indicate low confidence in the retail and consumer internet business becoming profitable in the short term.