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Strive Masiyiwa Says Certain Businessmen Have Grudges With Him & Are Behind The Cyber-Bullying Incidents

Cyber Bullying has rarely been a topic of conversation in Africa and Zimbabwe. Maybe it’s because people are tending to more pressing issues such as poverty and this has led to cyberbullying taking a backseat but it seems that might be changing in 2019 after the “Cyberbullying incident” involving the wife of high profile businessmen […]

Solar Access could be the prepaid power solution we’ve all been waiting for

If you’re reading this from Zimbabwe, you’re probably as frustrated as all of us about the erratic supply of power within cities. Yours, ours, is the smaller problem. In the rural areas, most are completely off the grid completely and don’t have a ZESA to constantly vent their frustrations at on Twitter! A number of companies […]

Chamisa For Re-issuing TeleAccess With A Fixed Line License

Zimbabwe Minister of ICT, Nelson Chamisa would like to see the pressure on TelOne to meet fixed line subscriptions demands eased. How? By re-issuing TeleAccess (remember the guys that sat on a license for 2 years until it was taken back) with an operator’s license. According to the Herald, Chamisa will be meeting Attorney General Johannes Tomana to discuss giving TeleAccess another chance.

Similar meetings were talked about last year but it’s not clear what became of them. Chamisa’s reason remains; that “the Government would not tolerate monopoly, more so by an operator facing serious financial and infrastructure limitations to meet service demand” and that two operators will result in better service delivery.