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TikTok accused of breaching user privacy yet again

An investigation by the Wall Street Journal recently revealed that TikTok was unlawfully collecting data from Android users for over a year. The application allegedly collected MAC addresses enabling identifying and tracking of users outside the TikTok. Google and Apple haven’t allowed applications to read the MAC address on Android & iOS devices. TikTok allegedly […]

Econet Agents Not Respecting Sensitive Customer Information

When you subscribe to a mobile network you share some pretty sensitive information that you normally wouldn’t want to get into the wrong hands i.e your address and your ID number. Econet agents who sign subscribers up seem to not acknowledge the importance of this information if a stack of customer forms found in town […]

Econet Of Kenya -Safaricom- Sued For Data Privacy Violation

Safaricom the biggest movie network operator in Kenya is being sued for violating the privacy of 11.5 million of it’s customers. According to Kenyan outlets, the mobile network operator is being accused of leaking data of their customers involved in gambling. The data, which the petitioner herein viewed personally, was specific to gamblers who had […]

Facebook In New Privacy Scandal: 14 Million Users’ Private Posts Turned Public

A few months ago, the Facebook boat was rocked by the Cambridge Analytica Scandal and the implications of this scandal have been far reaching. The privacy data breach has led to the EU setting new privacy guidelines and the US Senate grilling Zuckerberg and considering regulation of the social network. One step forward, two steps […]

Zuckerberg Finally Speaks On The Facebook Scandal

Following Facebook’s recent scandal involving Cambridge Analytica, Mark Zuckerberg has come out in defence of his social media company. In a recent Facebook post, he disclosed some of the steps they have taken in trying to address the situation. The founder of Facebook makes it clear that the changes made to Facebook in 2014 were the […]