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Tag: Data bundle

NetOne’s Hourly Data Bundle; A Good Deal?

Expiring data bundles have always been pretty controversial. Whilst subscribers complain that sometimes they can’t use up their data during the 24 hour period, mobile networks claim these expiry dates allow them to squeeze out as much value as possible. NetOne has taken the idea of an expiring bundle to its last leg by introducing […]

Zambian Parliament Proposes Ban On Expiring Data Bundles: Here’s Why That’s A Bad Idea

The Zambian Parliament (unanimously) adopted a motion encouraging the government to ban internet service providers from having internet bundles that expire. The MP who proposed this motion felt that bundles should be transferable as this would benefit consumers and the current set up of expiring bundles actually benefits service providers more. Earlier this year, there […]

NetOne Adds 1.2GB Bundle To Daily Options

When NetOne announced their new bundles last week, there was no 1GB option which came as a surprise. The highest data allocation you could get was a poultry 150MB offering. 150MB would not be adequate for most intensive tasks and thankfully NetOne has now acknowledged this. The mobile network operator has now added a fourth […]