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Econet To Review Data & SMS Bundles On The 11th of March

Econet subscribers have started receiving messages alerting them to yet another impending price hike. The price hike will be put into effect tomorrow and follows the most recent hike which was put into effect a month ago. The message received by users notifying them of the latest increase reads: Dear customer. Please take note, bundle […]

NetOne’s Hourly Data Bundle; A Good Deal?

Expiring data bundles have always been pretty controversial. Whilst subscribers complain that sometimes they can’t use up their data during the 24 hour period, mobile networks claim these expiry dates allow them to squeeze out as much value as possible. NetOne has taken the idea of an expiring bundle to its last leg by introducing […]

MTN Launches Data Bundles For Customers On Roaming

Data bundles are the order of the day for African mobile network subscribers. The data offered in bundles is significantly cheaper than out of bundle data in most African countries. Whilst subscribers are not a big fan of the model mobile networks have long argued that this is the best way for them to provide […]

Something Is Wrong With Yo Mix Right Now – Buy The Bundles At Your Own Risk

Earlier this month, Yo Mix announced that they would be having another promotion that would last until the end of the month and would see users getting 60% discounts on offers within the app. The discounts were in my instance more competitive than the expensive bundles and my first purchase was a success. Subsequent purchases […]

Econet Data & SMS Bundles To Be Reviewed From 23 September

It’s happening again… Prices for data and SMS bundles will be going up once again for Econet subscribers on the 23rd of September. Smart data bouquets have been pretty messy with over 4 revisions since their introduction back in April. Econet hasn’t explicitly said the bundles will be increasing in pricing but they have said […]

[Updated] Telecel Reviews Data Bundles: Cheaper Daily Bundles But Weekly & Monthly Data Gets More Expensive

Recently, Econet shifted their data prices upwards and though Telecel has reviewed their daily data bundles, their changes are more palatable and welcome for subscribers. The new changes here are the additions of the $4 bundle and $7 which get subscribers 800 MB and 1.5GB. These are extremely competent bundles as Econet’s 750 MB bundle […]

Econet’s Yo Mix No Longer Forcing Users To Buy Voice And SMS

A fortnight ago, Yo Mix was relaunched but this time there was no fanfare as the prices had sky-rocketed making it more expensive than just buying a normal bundle for most users. Whilst there were some cool new features and the application was now open to everyone the general feeling among subscribers is that Yo […]

Competition Commission In South Africa Says Data Is Too Expensive As Well

It seems like everyone is complaining about how expensive data is these days. The Competition Commission in South Africa has come out and said data is prohibitively expensive for South African subscribers in a recently published report. The commission’s report found that by international standards mobile prepaid data in South Africa is too expensive. In […]

NetOne’s Social Media Manager Seems Unaware That People Aren’t Happy With Cost Of Data

Yesterday, NetOne posted a seemingly innoncent Tweet on their official Twitter account asking subscribers which WhatsApp bundle they are using: In a functional country, this shouldn’t cause a scene. People should vote and be done with it but once you go through the comments replying the tweet you’ll know that Zim is not exactly functional […]

Buying Bundles On Econet Is Harder Than It Needs To Be Right Now…

So this is one of those rants that wouldn’t be getting written but I’m pretty frustrated. Last night I tried to buy WhatsApp bundles after 7 PM and it was a nightmare. I only managed to buy the bundle around 8:15 on my fifth or sixth attempt. At the time I thought the error lay […]

NetOne To Engage Entrepreneurs & Content Creators On Local Data Bundle

We recently wrote a piece on local entrepreneurs calling for a local bundle that will improve access to local websites and services. I think the idea is a noble one that will do wonders for all types of local services and content but I wasn’t entirely sure how the networks being asked to do this […]

MISA Zimbabwe Declares “Latest Internet Data Price Increases Unjustified”

The Media Institue of Southern Africa (MISA) has had its say on the recently increased cost of mobile internet data. Posting on their own blog here are the views expressed by MISA On 30 April 2019, Econet Wireless became the latest mobile network operator to hike the cost of mobile data. In February this year, […]

Bundles Are Dead: Econet To Announce “Smart Data Bouquets”

NetOne has done away with bundles you knew and loved (OneFusion). Telecel has done away with the bundles you knew and loved (MegaBoost). Econet has done away with the bundles you knew and did not love that much, to begin with. From 29 April, subscribers will be accessing the internet in a much different manner […]

What Happened To Elevate’s Yo Mix App?

Around the midway point of last month we got a tip that Elevate would be taken down temporarily and Econet sent messages to Elevate staffers informing them of what it is they needed to say to those who were asking what was up with the platforms. It’s been a few weeks now and what seemed […]

Here’s A Comparison Of Weekly Data Bundles Between Netone, Econet And Telecel: Take Your Pick

Since Telecel has just introduced its weekly data bundles, I think its worthwhile to compare the weekly data bundles offered by all three Mobile Network Operators (MNO) and see whose got the best deal.Take a look at the following table; As you can see, Telecel and Netone offer more data (by far) for any price […]

Hey Mobile Network Give Me Back My Dollar, I Am Serious.

So my colleague shared what they did when the internet went off yesterday and they asked all of us to share in the comments what we did. In the confusion following the re-connection and trying to investigate what really happened (we are still probing at this: dog to bone), I forgot what I did soon […]

Telecel launches “unlimited” all night long bundles

Telecel has launched a new service called all night long bundles. The bundles will be accessible to all Telecel subscribers. You can access the service by dialing *470# and following the prompts. The different bundles available are $1, $2 and $3 and they will be active between the time periods 11 pm to 5 am. […]

Something to learn from Snapchat’s new Snap Map feature

Image credit: Pixabay Snapchat is not so much of a big deal in Zim as it is in other countries. I mean what do I expect since it’s not ‘bundled up’ by any of our local MNOs because data is expensive in Zimbabwe though surprisingly, according to the 1st Quarter 2017 POTRAZ report; internet and data usage […]

Video: Use this app to stop data bundles from disappearing

No one want’s their data bundles to disappear mysteriously from their phone. It’s not a hopeless situation. This app will help you be strict about which apps access the internet: In the Video: Android apps Data savings apps NoRootFirewall Download the video here for sharing on WhatsApp. Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge Number to […]

It’s called MegaBoost and it offers unlimited WhatsApp. Finally something new from Telecel

Telecel hasn’t launched anything in a while. In a very long while. They have been quiet in their corner while other companies released new stuff (in the case of NetOne) or complained about not being allowed to release new stuff (in Econet’s case). So you can imagine our surprise and pleasure today when we received an email from […]

Press Release: Telecel launches new voice and data bundle: MegaBoost

Telecel has announced a new data, voice and text package for its Telecel Go pre-paid subscribers. The offering which is known as MegaBoost is a combo bundle with various benefits. Telecel Zimbabwe Head of Marketing, Mr. Christopher Rubatika, said the introduction of the MegaBoost package is Telecel’s response to the demand for more affordable mobile […]

Steward Bank launches a Facebook Live “talk show”, joins Zimbabwe’s growing online broadcast trend

The issue, though, isn’t really the Steward Bank show or how big a marketing opportunity for its Square product the bank is eyeing here. What’s striking here is the way Facebook Live has become a thing.

Here are 7 ways to manage your limited, expensive mobile data bundles

Everyone in Zimbabwe who accesses the internet on their phone (which is almost every internet user) now has to face the reality that the internet is going to be a lot more expensive now. Following new price guidelines set by the telecoms regulator, POTRAZ, operators like Econet Wireless have already adjusted their data and social […]

Is this what Econet did after getting sued for 50k?

We decided to take a look at Econet’s website to see if there was any public information on what a data bundle is and how it works and we found something quite interesting. There is a web page, DATA PORTFOLIO TERMS & CONDITIONS,  which lays out the terms and conditions for ALL of Econet’s data and […]

Why 7 in 10 people use Voice Calls over WhatsApp Calling

My calling and texting habits is something I rarely put into perspective, more often I am more interested in the topic of discussion and quality of conversation than the medium I used to create the two-way communication channel. According to POTRAZ, 1 in 3 things we utilize our mobile internet on is the Whatsapp service, this is […]

NetOne launches OneFusion, a comprehensive prepaid package with loyalty bonuses

The service gives subscribers a comprehensive plan that has bundles for on-net and off net minutes, data, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter bundles and international minutes (for some of the plans).

Econet throws subscribers another bone, reverts to old Bundle of Joy rates

Econet has adjusted its Bundles of Joy package and reverted back to a $1 for 10 minutes offering. This is a welcome development even though it seems like Econet is trying to curry favour with subscribers after doubling social media bundles and experiencing a slip in revenues.

Econet Bundles of Joy : A bigger and better offer…for whom?

Econet Wireless recently introduced a new suite of bundles that offer voice and data at a discounted rates. The product, called Bundles of Joy, also has unlimited local SMSes for the $5, $10 and $20 bundle sizes. At face value this a great deal. For the $5 bundle that has all the services (voice, data […]

Possible Econet Data Bundle Prices Revealed

We just received an update on our Twitter feed from an alert Tafmak with details on the new Econet pricing for the data services to be announced 2 days from now.