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NetOne issues apology for internet service disruption

Yesterday, a number of NetOne subscribers couldn’t connect to the internet. It seems the issues started around midday and persisted until 7 PM (according to NetOne). The mobile network operator has since issued an apolofgy which read; NetOne would like to apologise for intermittent data service experience on our network yesterday. Please note that normal […]

This new video “standard” will cut file sizes in half whilst maintaining quality

There is a new video codec on the block! Versatile Video Codec (H.266/VVC) standard has been finalised and this will be a big deal. The video standard was developed by Fraunhofer HHI together with partners from industry including Apple, Ericsson, Intel, Huawei, Microsoft, Qualcomm, and Sony over 3 years. What are they promising? This new […]

The Best Mobile Data Bundle You Can Buy [Updated]

If you were looking for cheap mobile data in Zimbabwe, where would you go? Are you sure your current data provider of choice is the very best or is it a matter of who is charging less? Well in this article I shall be taking you on an expedition to get as close as possible […]

New Econet Data & SMS Bundle Prices – February 2020

Econet announced yesterday that they would be reviewing data and SMS bundles and they’ve done what they promised to do. Here are the new prices for the bundles: Data bundles Daily bundles $7 – 40MB $19 – 150MB $24 – 250MB $38 – 600MB $65 – 1200MB Weekly bundles $4.5 – 25MB $10 – 60MB […]

Safaricom Accused Of Selling Subscriber Data

An ex-Safaricom employee suggested that the biggest mobile network operator in Kenya sells data to micro-financing companies and betting agencies. Last year, the MNO was taken to court by a customer who alleged the company had sold personal data of 11.5 million customers to betting companies. It has now come to light that one of […]

Yo Mix Offering Users Discounted Prices Again (November 2019)

Last week Yo Mix users started receiving a message alerting them to a special data discount which is valid until the end of November: CONGRATS you have won 150% extra value on YoMix data bundles. Download YoMix for Android on & buy any YoMix bundle today. Offer valid until 30/11 The new data discounts […]

Mission 2030: Achieving Innovation Led Economic Growth

It’s high time we articulate a proper path for the future of this country and decide where we want to be competitively. Government needs to figure out ways it can deliver innovation-led economic growth that is both sustainable and equitable. But first and foremost we have to abandon this old idea that the government should […]

[Breaking] Econet Reviewing Bundle Prices Again On The 29th Of August

Econet subscribers have been receiving SMS from their network provider to the tune that bundle prices are going to be reviewed (for the millionth time) tomorrow. The SMS read: Dear Customer. Please take note bundle prices for Data & SMS will be reviewed effective 29 August 2019. Dial *143# or *151# to buy Data or […]

ZOL “Fire Fridays” = Unlimited Night Owl For Subscribers

ZOL recently announced Fire Fridays, which will come as a relief to customers on capped packages. For subscribers who have the Night Owl add-on, the deal is pretty simple. Every Friday night your internet usage won’t affect your Night Owl data cap which means you can download more aggressively and stream Netflix/YouTube/Lectures and play some […]

After Almost Half A Decade Of Free Access, MTN Will Now Charge SA Users For Twitter

Remember when Econet had free Twitter in 2014 before discontinuing the promo in 2015 and then bringing it back a year later before charging for the service once and for all? Well, MTN customers in South Africa are going through a similar thing. MTN has been offering customers free access to Twitter for the past […]

Zimbabwe Now Has The Second Most Expensive Mobile Data In Africa: $25 For 1GB

When benchmarked against other countries, monthly mobile data costs in Zimbabwe remain one of the most expensive in Africa. Ecobank’s report found that Zimbabwe ranks number 2 across 47 African countries, in a study that examined the average monthly cost of one gigabyte of data. The monthly average cost of mobile data in Zimbabwe is […]

Ecocash Push Econet Revenue Growth To $831 Million, 34% Increase

Econet revenues increased to $831,6 million for the year ended February 2018. This reflected an increase of ($209.9 million) 34% relative to the last comparable period.  The increase was propped by Econet’s constant efforts of creating new avenues for revenue through its broadband and media content ventures. The newly created ventures have made Econet adopt […]

Zimbabwe is Open For Business … BUT Are We Ready For The New Data Regulation Law With 5 Days To Go

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) deadline is less than a week away. We’re committed to being compliant. Given Zimbabwe is now open for business companies need to consider how GDPR will (not might) affect them. What exactly is the GDPR? The General Data Protection Regulation is a new privacy regulation passed by the EU […]

Facebook Is Now Teaching Youths How Their Data Is Used

The term youths always carries a bit of confusion with it. Sometimes someone as old as 35 is included youth groupings whilst other times its only used to reference people under 30. Facebook has introduced a new service and this targets youths again, but only those between 13-19 this time around. What’s Facebook working on […]

Communications regulator lobbying for data to last for 3 years in South Africa

So it seems South Africa is much more serious about their #DataMustFall campaign than I thought. Just read an article on MyBroadband on how Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) is lobbing for all licensed Mobile Network Operators in SA to have data bundles which have a minimum expiry period of 3 years. 3 years! Imagine […]

Google Drive desktop app is getting shut down soon

Google recently announced that the Google Drive desktop app for Windows PC and Mac laptops will no longer be supported by the companies developer from 11 December 2017. A few months after that date, on 12 March 2018, the Google Drive desktop app will be completely shut down. Throughout October, if you were using Google […]

You can now share data with friends and family on Telecel

Telecel recently announced a new service on their mobile network which allows people to share data. The service will be available to Telecel Go subscribers and people on the network will be able to request data from friends and family or gift it. To start using the service, dial *444# and follow the instructions in […]

Are you still experiencing data disappearances? Let us demand action from the operators.

Do you remember when we had data disappearing from our phones? What was that? It’s still disappearing? If your data is still being ‘stolen’ let us look at why that is and what may be causing it. It will all depend on which mobile network operator you subscribe to. Are you on Netone or Telecel’s […]

Are ISPs ripping customers off of their data?

We wrote an article last week on how TelOne has introduced a new feature which enables its clients to monitor their internet usage. I slightly described my own ordeal with a different ISP (Internet Service Provider) which I thought was just ‘one of those’ but it was quite interesting to note that quite a number […]

TelOne to alert customers of their internet usage through SMS notifications

During my first month of using home wifi, I wasn’t well versed on what activities would exhaust my data. I was just told “don’t download” and likewise I avoided it as much as I could. My wifi also had a lot of downtime, so much that I grew weary of calling my ISP to fix […]

You can now hover over videos on Youtube to get GIF like previews

In what they are calling video previews, YouTube now shows you a 3 second clip of a video on the thumbnail before you watch it. The video preview automatically plays when you hover your cursor over it and after the preview plays the thumbnail is shown with a play icon in the middle. This is […]

The big F and battery life… data usage too

Okay, we need to have this conversation again because even this far into 2017 Facebook still has not managed to fix the battery drain issues that plague its official app, the android one at least. You would think with the resources at their disposal they would have figured it out by now but no, it […]

How far will $7 take you on Econet, Netone and Telecel.

If you are wondering how you might work out a budget for staying online as much as you did about a week ago then look no further. Allow us to give you a rough outline So for arguments sake we will use an average that we got from Econet Wireless Zimbabwe’s Average Revenue Per User […]

Things I’ve learnt about being data efficient when developing apps for Africa.

I’ve noted, from online forums (and interactions with) that developers are quite the say-it-right-or-don’t-say-it-at-all kind of people. Whenever someone makes a remark, observation and especially a comment that leans to the not-so-correct side or if someone explains a concept but leaves out a thing or two, they flame! So I’m going to get some things […]

5G might just be around the corner

China Mobile Hong Kong and Huawei Hong Kong are partnering in pioneering commercial deployment of LTE-A Pro 4.5G as part of Huawei’s roadmap to 5G which is set for a timeline of 2020. LTE-A Pro or 4.5G was officially named as the new LTE standard by the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) and with it […]

Econet Broadband services currently down (UPDATE)

Econet has confirmed the interruption in broadband services and has issued out the following statement on facebook Hey Buddies, sincere apologies for the interruption in data services. Our engineers are working tirelessly to rectify the fault and restore normal service. If you are experiencing broadband connection problems its a waiting game till it is resolved […]

Econet Broadband services currently down

If you can’t access internet services on your Econet line you are not alone. There have been social media reports from several Econet subscribers saying that they are facing intermittent drops in broadband services as well as USSD services. It’s not just in Harare – A number of subscribers in the city of Bulawayo have […]

Econet takes internet revenue increase with a pinch of salt!

Econet, the countries largest Mobile Network Operator, recorded an 8,7% revenue increase in data and internet services according to the mobile operators integrated annual financial report for the year ending February 2016. Revenue for data and internet services increased from $104,17 million in the 2014-15 financial year to $113,18 million in the 2015-16 financial year. Econet’s increase in […]

MTN releases 2014 annual results: US $12.8 billion revenue. Growth slows down

MTN has just started announcing their 2014 annual financial results. The company continued to perform well last year, after a good half year. Total revenue for the year was R146.2 billion up 6.4% from the previous year. Based on today’s exchange rate, that’s US $12.8 billion revenue for the year. The group’s total subscribers across the 21 […]

Telecel announces a reduction in mobile broadband dongles price

Telecel today announced the reduction of the price of their mobile internet dongles from the $30 to now $25. A press release they sent out a few hours ago says the dongles are high speed and “allow for optimal download and upload speeds”. We got earlier today they were going to introduce some lower prices […]