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Zanu-PF website hacked. Showing pirate movies and porn pictures (update)

Update (1815hrs): The site has now been taken down totally. Update (1720hrs): The site has since had the bad content removed The website of Zimbabwe’s ruling party, Zanu-PF was hacked. The website right now is showing links to pirate movies of such titles as Despicable Me, Cars 3 and Logan. Some sections of the website […]

Lax security leading to rampant website defacement

Zimbabwean websites ( TLD) are easy pickings for hacker groups making names for themselves – that is the impression I get looking at the sheer number of defaced websites. The state of local website security is appalling. After my research, the most worrying thing I found is how long some websites stay defaced, it’s almost as if […]

Local websites, MetBank, ZiFM, Pastel, Chips and others, breached by hackers

A number of local website were in the past 3 months breached by hackers, amoung them the MetBank website,,, and other less familiar brands. The websites were breached on different occasions with the latest being that of ZiFMStereo, which was attacked two days ago. Most of the websites have been fixed, except for the Metbank’s which we notice is […]

ZESA Enterprises website hacked

The website belong to ZESA holding subsidiary, ZESA Enterprises, has been defaced. We’re not sure exactly when the defacement happened  but visiting the site right now shows the page below. From what we can tell the website is hosted internally within the group’s infrastructure. We also noticing, the besides, the ZESA Enterprises also has a […]

Government website hacked

Yesterday, we noticed that a government website,, was hacked. The website belongs to the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development. It was designed and is hosted by the Government Internet Service Provider (GISP) so we sent them an email notifying them just in case they don’t know it yet.

Why Zimbabwean websites are increasingly getting hacked (list of hacked sites)

In recent months, each time we’ve posted an article about a high profile website being hacked – such as the story about Fingaz today – what follows is a number of tweets, emails and phone calls with readers basically ask: What’s going on? Why has the hacking increased so much? Why are Zim websites being targeted?