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An Ordinary Zim Couple Is Teaching Kids To Build Robots And Cities, Your Child MUST Enroll

As we move into the digital age a lot of uncertainty has begun building up. People are having sleepless nights trying to predict if their current jobs will be relevant in the next 5 years. On Techzim we’ve had a number of articles questioning the value of the education system in Zimbabwe and it seems […]

The best drawing tablets for Africa – Comexposed Tech & Tips video

In this episode of Comexposed Tech & Tips, Tino Makoni explains what a great tablet for productive artists should have, reveals what tablets out there make the grade, and reviews one.

A quick one about the changing Techzim look

When we introduced a new look about 6 months ago, we made great strides to make the site more extremely lovable but we still had lots of room to improve the desktop experience. We promised we would continue working on the site to make it more usable and the latest changes are exactly that. We hope this […]

Why the ‘Zim to manufacture own car model’ news must not be taken seriously

Usually we would just move on past such news, but this being a headline story in the country’s largest newspapers calls for a take on it. We think this shouldn’t be taken seriously at all. Here’s why:

Changing Techzim: Here’s our new look and the future

What you’re seeing now is the new Techzim design. If you’re mobile you probably love it. And if you’re on desktop, you’re probably wishing that we bring back the old design. Think of this as the first iteration of the future of Techzim. We will continuously adjust aspects of it to make it easier to see the content you care about!

Hating Apple. Hating Android. iOS 7

I have never been Apple fan. For the simple reason that I am an enemy of elitism and exclusivity, especially the kind that, because of the size of my wallet, mocks my social class. But I have used Android devices enough to learn new things. I have experienced the frustration of being excluded from an Android update just a couple of weeks after buying a shiny new gadget. I have experienced the broken ecosystem that is Android and its horde of device devils.

How graphic design & technology can end taxi chaos in Zimbabwe

Boarding a Taxi or a public bus – while it might seem like a simple enough task elsewhere; In Zimbabwe It has lately become a very dangerous affair. There have been very recent reports of deaths, robberies and police kidnappings involving taxis. But before this article grabs the attention of the UN and the global sanctions machinery, these reports are very few and far between but by no means non-existent.

How to: Responsive web development. Develop websites for mobile

Mark Zuckerberg said it, Google said it, even Obama is saying it… Mobile websites are the “FUTURE”. Yet in Zimbabwe (with its high percentage of mobile internet users), we still code using old habits, developing for fixed width viewports…the monitor. With over 70% of the 1.2 Million active internet users browsing via mobile devices, most […]