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How To Remotely Access Your Computer From Your Phone

Google has made it possible to access your Windows desktop or your Mac from your phone, even if its an Android phone or an iPhone. And it doesn’t have to be iPhone for macOS, you can mix and match – all you need is the Chrome Remote Desktop app running on both devices. Here I […]

A quick one about the changing Techzim look

When we introduced a new look about 6 months ago, we made great strides to make the site more extremely lovable but we still had lots of room to improve the desktop experience. We promised we would continue working on the site to make it more usable and the latest changes are exactly that. We hope this […]

Here’s how to make your Ubuntu Desktop beautiful

if you are bored by your Ubuntu desktop there is a way to change it. This is a step by step guide on how to customise that Linux desktop.