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This Zimbabwean Made Nearly US$20K In 12 Months Teaching Online

Have you noticed that when Zimbabweans, get in a queue – they tend to start conversing and coming up with brilliant business ideas about how to make money and attain “financial freedom”. Whilst I’ve left a few queues with brilliant ideas I’ve never acted upon after that day, my quest to attain financial freedom goes […]

Tech Trends Of 2020 & What Skills Devs Can Learn To Keep Up

So the new year is around the corner and I’ve been analysing (from a software developer’s perspective) what’s going on in the fast-changing technology world. Indeed, we have seen a lot of great things happening in 2019 in terms of latest technologies that are making everyday lives of both people and businesses easier. Yes a […]

[Watch] Silicon Valley Based Zimbo Speaks About Free Programming Lessons He Gave During The Year

Eric Khumalo a Bulawayo boy studying at UC Berkeley took a semester off and came home to help teach computer programming for free in order to bridge the local resource and information gap: Eric says he realised there was a big problem during the ZITF Hackathon earlier this year and he also shared his plans […]

Tech Village Hosting HacktoberFest Open-Source Meetup This Weekend

Hacktoberfest – a month-long celebration of open-source software. The event is a partnership between DigitalOcean and DEV. The event will be hosted in Bulawayo in the 1st floor of the NetOne Building, Corner Fife Street and L.Takawira. Opposite Central Police Station. Maintainers -the guys/girls who build source code into a binary package for distribution, commit patches, or organize […]

Local Finance App CashLedger Now Available Globally

Locally developed CashLedger is now being rolled out beyond our borders, in what is a serious statement of intent from local development team – Mobisoft. CashLedger allows one to view financial transactions from all Banks and Mobile Wallets and the Business app also allows one to remotely view all their financial transactions online through a […]

Google Says They’ve Trained 15K Developers & 35 Startups In Africa

Google In Africa Recently shared a number of interesting developments they’ve made on the continent, at a recent Google For Nigeria event. From developers trained to startups assisted through Launchpad and so much more. Developers and startups Google says they’ve trained 15k developers and recently partnered with Pluralsight and Andela, a partnership which has reached […]

Manzwi Is A Simple But Addictive Game Developed By Locals

I recently bumped into a Twitter thread mentioning a game called Manzwi developed by locals. Though I’m not enthusiastic about gaming on my phone I thought I would give it a try and after doing so, I’ve been impressed. Manzwi is a Shona word puzzle game and the author’s description on the Play Store states […]

Local Startup Hiring Remote Developers

It’s no secret that jobs are not the easiest thing to come by in this lovely country of ours. Whenever there’s an announcement of jobs, depending on the field ours eyes light up and we can’t help but spread the word. This was exactly the case when we bumped into this listing for a remote […]

Hey Web Development Firms, Mercy Corps Wants A Knowledge Portal Built For Them In Zimbabwe

Mercy Corps, a US founded international humanitarian organisation is looking for a web development company to build a knowledge portal for some of their work in Zimbabwe. The portal is being built through the Zimbabwe Resilience Building Fund (ZRBF). The fund is s a long-term development initiative with an overall objective of contributing to increased capacity […]

Liquid Telecom To Support Developers At The 2019 Global Game Jam

2019 Global Game Jam is underway and the largest game creation event will be taking place over this weekend in various locations around the world. Oh wait if you’re wondering what exactly this event is about, don’t worry we’ve got you. A global hackathon Think of Game Jam as a global hackathon with the central […]

Developers, Sign Up For The HNG Internships Online Program And Learn Some Valuable Coding Skills

Last year, we wrote about the fourth HNG (Hotels Nigeria) Internship which was a pretty cool program that could earn you some dough whilst you learnt some valuable “real-world applicable” coding skills. Fortunately, the program is back again for 2019 and you can start signing up once again for HNG 5.0. Yes, YOU CAN register […]

Google Accused Of Allowing Third-party App Developers To Read People’s Emails In Gmail

Google has been accused of allowing third-party app developers access to users private messages in Gmail. While the report says that it is primarily done to offer a better experience to users and makes several new features available to users, the app developers can view sensitive and private details including the recipient’s e-mail id, timestamps, the […]

Young Developers And Designers! You May Want To Sign Up For This Internship Programme

The HNG program is a 3-month remote-internship where interns get to work on real-world software projects. You may have heard of the program but what you may not know is that Zimbabweans and other Africans can now apply for the internship. So let’s talk about why this is a big deal and how you can […]

Local Developers Petitioning For Telcos To Give Them Easier Integration With Payment Platforms In Order To Grow The Economy.

Local developers have created a petition on asking Telcos to create a tool that helps them better integrate their apps with local payment services in order to create better applications that are more tailored to Zimbabweans. The petition by developers is directed to; Econet Wireless through the EcoCash platform Zimswitch NetOne through the OneMoney platform […]

Local Developers Can Now Publish Paid Apps On Google’s Play Store

Local developers who had paid apps (or apps with paid features) on the Play Store, had been living on edge as their apps had payment methods that were not in line with Google’s payment service. It seems like there might be light at the end of that tunnel as Developers in Zimbabwe can now publish […]

UK Company Looking For Zimbabwean Developers. Here’s Their Story And How To Apply

I recently called on Zimbabwean developers to be ready for a lot of jobs from around the world. We have interacted with a few companies from Europe and North America who are interested in recruiting techies from our backyard to outsource jobs to them. We already told you you about Secret Source who are recruiting […]

Here’s a Microsoft game development challenge you might be interested in

We came across a Microsoft Dream.Build.Play challenge we thought you’d need a heads-up on, particularly y’all game devs. The Dream.Build.Play challenge is looking for people who are 18 years old and above, legally staying in the eligible regions (of course Zimbabwe is one of them otherwise this wouldn’t be here) and have technical programming education, […]

Want to become a web developer in 2017, here’s a roadmap

Choosing to become a web developer is one of the most rewarding career choices you will make in this age. If creating things using words and some maths is something you’d enjoy, that is. Starting out however can be confusing and intimidating. Where do you start? What skills are most important? What’s the path to follow? Clear answers […]

Press Release: Bots For Messenger Challenge event at Moto Republik

For many years Facebook has been promoting innovation across the Middle East and Africa, providing startups with the tools they need to build, grow, monetize, and measure. Facebook grew out of a hacker culture, and thrives on seeking out and promoting innovation on new platforms. That’s why they are launching the Bots for Messenger Challenge, […]

There’s a Facebook Messenger Bot Party in Harare this month

Remember the Facebook launches Bots Developer Challenge wrote about last month? There’s some good news for those of you looking to take part. As part of activities to promote the challenge, a local tech hub called Impact Hub Harare is working with Facebook to host a Bot Party this month. Essentially you will learn how to make […]

HGI Web Developers and Designers Hackathon 2016

Image Credit Hove Group Investments (HGI) is a business solutions service provider that is focused on creating and implementing unique solutions in line with client requirements. HGI works with a variety of technology partners bringing a wealth of international experience to the local market. Our objective is to help customers integrate their ICT solutions […]

Local start-up Ndiringe is now, a platform for showcasing talent

Note There has already been a different start-up named Dariro (we covered it here), which provided platform for local pages (in the sense of Facebook Pages) and included a section for song lyrics for local music. That venture however reportedly went bust towards the end of 2011, and differs from the new Last year […]

Zimbabwe’s most downloaded Android apps (ongoing)

This article is an ongoing attempt to document Zimbabwean mobile apps with the most downloads in either the Android or iOS store.

Facebook to launch internet satellite in Africa in the “next few months”, Zuckerberg at F8

Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, said yesterday that his company is close to launch its first satellite into space to provide Internet access to Sub-saharan Africa. The satellite will be launched in the “next few months” he said. The satellites were first announced last year in October. Facebook has partnered a European satellite operator called Eutelsat and all this is part […]

The TeleCash mobile money API: Here’s how to get access

When we posted yesterday’s article on the launch of the Telecash mobile money API, a lot of comments and requests came in with developers asking for the API documentation and how they could get start working with it right away. Telecel Mobile Financial Services IT Manager, got in touch with us this morning to provide some details. Here’s part of his email: […]

Beware of some of these start-up or innovation challenges

As a budding entrepreneur, with tons of ideas oozing from your brain (or wherever good ideas come from) and not much capital to back them up, you have no doubt either entered or considered entering your ideas into at least one of these challenges. But the message I bring you is that you should beware […]

Hey Zimbabwean techies, do you freelance online? Should you?

Today, we got an update from that had freelancing jobs trends worldwide for the past 3 months. The update got us wondering about freelancing in Zimbabwe and what, with more accessible internet, the possibilities are for such internet based commercial activity.

CultureShift Zimbabwe tech and cultural sector challenge – Ideation Day 1

Today was the first of the two day Culture Shift Ideation, an event to get software developers, designers, creative arts people and entrepreneurs to find solutions to problems in the arts sector that can be solved by technology. It was great having individuals and organisations from the arts side get to learn of the possibilities tech platforms avail locally.

eTXT Apps Challenge launch: FMNA founder presents on building successful startups

Last night, ForgetMeNot Africa launched the eTXT Apps Challenge in Harare at a JumpStart event attended by developers, tech entreprenuers and journalists. While the highlight of the night was the launch of the challenge itself (read more about the challenge here) , we found the presentation by ForgetMeNot Software Founder and Director of Technology, John Carroll, quite inspiring.

ForgetMeNot Africa brings the eTXT Apps Challenge to Zimbabwe

Last week we posted that ForgetMeNot Africa has opened up its eTXT platform to 3rd party developers and that the company launched an Apps Challenge in Kenya in partnership with iHub and Safaricom. Well, there’s another announcement this week, more specific to Zimbabwe this time.