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EcoBank opens up APIs to African businesses and developers

After a pilot earlier this year, EcoBank’s Pan-African Banking Sandbox is now accessible to Africa’s fintech community. The Sandbox allows Fintechs to access Ecobank’s Application Programming Interface (APIs) for the development of solutions. What will innovators be able to do? The sandbox is available on request and once granted access you’ll be connected to Ecobank’s Unified […]

Nduna Girls Tutor School Kids As Part Of Africa Code Week Initiative

Last year, Nduna Girls hosted an amazing gaming workshop for kids in partnership with Steam Africa, we haven’t written about their efforts since then but that’s not to say they haven’t been doing anything. Most recently, they participated in the Africa Code Week initiative. Africa Code Week is a digital skill development initiative spearheaded by […]

Developers, Sign Up For The HNG Internships Online Program And Learn Some Valuable Coding Skills

Last year, we wrote about the fourth HNG (Hotels Nigeria) Internship which was a pretty cool program that could earn you some dough whilst you learnt some valuable “real-world applicable” coding skills. Fortunately, the program is back again for 2019 and you can start signing up once again for HNG 5.0. Yes, YOU CAN register […]

How African Leaders Can Finance Development And Transformation

There is an African proverb that says the eater of a goat pays back a cow. For years African countries have focused their efforts in securing financial aid from Bretton Woods institutions and others for development and transformation. Unfortunately, this has proven to be an expensive, unsustainable model as the loans from these institutions have […]

Zimbabwe’s technology journey: The early years

Independence day is upon us and with it we are cause to reflect on our history. Colonization itself is viewed with universal disapproval whilst the only undisputed advantageous outcome of colonisation was the technology brought into the country as a result.

Why most Zimbabwean start-ups fail

Building a successful Start-up is every entrepreneur’s dream, but recent world statistics show only 1 in 12 succeeds. Why do start-ups fail? Why are Zimbabwean start-ups failing? Why are all those brilliant ideas going down the drain?

How to: Responsive web development. Develop websites for mobile

Mark Zuckerberg said it, Google said it, even Obama is saying it… Mobile websites are the “FUTURE”. Yet in Zimbabwe (with its high percentage of mobile internet users), we still code using old habits, developing for fixed width viewports…the monitor. With over 70% of the 1.2 Million active internet users browsing via mobile devices, most […]