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It’s not just Econet that’s playing doctor, NetOne is getting into medical services

In the delivery of new services for the telecoms industry, operators hardly come up with new ideas, they just steal source inspiration from competitors. The real winners just know how to modify their own offering. The same approach has also been used locally. Just take a look at the latest news on a new service […]

Why and how we can set up a clinic on every mobile phone

Image credit – Higher Life Foundation Tech entrepreneurs seem to be describing a nightmare when they share accounts of when they had to deal with the regulatory authorities whilst striving to introduce tech solutions for health. Many have bemoaned the Byzantine bureaucracy of rigorous regulations that eventually lead to a shut door that can not […]

Econet wades deeper into health care with new Dial-a-Doctor service

We recently got wind of a new service that Econet is set to release through its Econet Health arm. The service is called Dial-a Doctor and it is still going through it’s pilot run. The Dial-a-Doctor service hasn’t been opened up to the public because of some regulatory concerns that need to be ironed out, […]