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Tag: Digital Migration

Government gives update on digital broadcasting migration project

ZBC has been on the verge of digitisation for over half a decade now. Here at Techzim our first article on this issue was published on the 3rd of July in 2014. At the time, the article was written, there was a June 2015 deadline imposed by the ITU. We (Zim) and many other countries […]

Govt Promises 12 TV Channels By August

At this point, the idea or rhetoric that there will be new TV channels coming to Zimbabwean airwaves has become a broken record. We’ve heard it before. We heard it in 2019. We heard it in 2018. In fact, as far back as 2015, we heard it… Now we are hearing it again, with Information, […]

ZBC Says Digitisation Will Be Complete By Year End. We’ve Heard This Before…

*sighs* Digitisation and ZBC… It’s a seemingly never-ending story and every year since 2014, ZBC has been promising that they are close to digitising. The most recent update from the national broadcaster claims that the job will be completed by the end of this year. So what’s changed? It’s not entirely clear if the deadline […]

Zim Courts Undergoing Digital Migration

Zimbabwe’s courts have been mandated to be paperless by the end of this year and their digitalisation seems to have some pretty lofty goals that will definitely make our court system pretty interesting. Chief Justice Malaba has reportedly already appointed a committee that will over see the digitisation process which is supposed to cut costs […]

Local Engineers Take Over From The Chinese To Complete The Digital Migration Project

Local engineers have now assumed control of installing radio and television transmitters in Chikombedzi as the government pushes to complete digital migration. This comes as result of Government parted ways with Chinese contractors two years ago because of a misunderstanding on the cost of the project. The government underestimated the cost of the project while the […]

George Charamba Says Government To Soon Invite Applicants For 12 TV Licenses, Warns Entrepreneurs To Be Ready

In an interview on Monday with ZiFM Stereo, George Charamba confirmed that the government will soon invite applications to bid for 12 new TV licenses. He said the government will start to accept applications soon after it secures the supply of decoders they need for digital migration. And a tender will soon be floated for […]

Update on Zimbabwe’s digitisation raises doubts about its “progress”- project 25% complete, down from 34% last year

Zimbabwe is making strides with the national digitisation programme which is firmly on track and the project is 25% complete. That’s the latest on the analogue to digital migration exercise which Zimbabwe is working on as part of a global adoption of modern broadcast technology. According to the Herald, the update was shared by the […]

Financial realities stall Zimbabwe’s digitilisation as goodwill shared between government & Huawei runs out

Charamba also pointed out the goodwill shared between Zimbabwe and Huawei had been exhausted. The Chinese firm has since has halted any work on the project and only the release of the $29 million will get it back on track.

Here are three examples of how the Government’s reversal of Chinamasa’s policy will affect technology

Zimbabwe’s Minister of Finance, Patrick Chinamasa recently shared the 2016 Mid-Year Fiscal Policy Review Statement which outlined the State’s financial priorities. The statement included Chinamasa’s recommendations to limit government’s expenditure on salaries for the civil service which currently gobble up 97% of the national budget. This was supposed to be achieved through the suspension of bonuses and […]

Ministry of ICT to oversee disposal of spectrum as government seeks $142 million for digital migration

The Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira So the latest information that’s been shared on Zimbabwe’s digital migration project (aka digitisation aka digitalisation) is that the government will be “borrowing” money from the Universal Services Fund to settle some immediate obligations for the project. However, this is only supposed to be a temporary arrangement. The digital […]

Government dips into telecoms Universal Services Fund to finance broadcast’s digital migration

The Zimbabwean government will dip into the Universal Services Fund to access finances for the yet to be completed digital migration project.

Digital migration project in funding crisis after NetOne fails to pay Government $200 million for dividend spectrum

The Zimbabwean government is in the process of identifying new buyers for the digital dividend spectrum which was initially sold to local mobile operator NetOne after the mobile operator failed to pay the $200 million required for it.

Zimbabwe misses digitisation deadline – $27 million required urgently to meet 2017 target

The digitisation project is now expected to be completed by mid-2017 and progress is anticipated if an injection of $27.2 million is made urgently.

Digital migration project delayed again as switch to digital broadcasting is set for December 2016

The crossover to digital broadcasting was supposed to have been achieved by April this year, but according to the Minister of Information, Chris Mushowe, this schedule can only be met if the government sticks to payment dates set with the contractor.

Zimbabwe’s digital migration now 34% complete

Zimbabwe’s digital migration which is meant to ensure that the country adopts international standards for broadcasting and content distribution through digital channels is 34% complete.

Digital TV is now months away as digital migration enters content production phase

The digital migration exercise which was a focal point for national broadcast service providers last year has entered into the content production phase and every Zimbabwean is expected to have access to digital television by March this year.

BAZ signs Eutelsat for digital migration satellite capacity; service to launch in 2016

Now, in its latest announcement, Eutelsat has mentioned that it has sealed a three-year contract with the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) for capacity in Ku-band on the EUTELSAT 3B satellite.

Govt sets aside $18 million for decoders in next stage of digital migration

In an interview with the Sunday Mail, Charamba mentioned that a distributor for the 400,000 set top boxes necessary for digital migration had been identified and an order had been placed, with the transaction set to cost $18 million.

Minister confirms government’s move for Telecel, hints at foreign investment

So it’s already been confirmed, the government is moving in on Telecel.Earlier today, the Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira, responded to questions on the government’s interest in Telecel Zimbabwe. ZARNet, a state owned Internet Provider, has been roped in because the government does not have the immediate capacity to execute this takeover. This will, in all likelihood, be executed with leveraged finance with foreign investors likely to be involved.

Drones in Zim, ZRP on Twitter, ZBC $3 subs, Windows 10, Facebook Lite – Podcast

What’s the latest on drones in Zimbabwe? What is up with ZRP and its Twitter account? Is $3 a fair amount for ZBC subscriptions? This is the latest Techzim podcast that has discussions on these topics and more from this week’s tech news.

Death by subscription: Are you willing to pay $3 a month for ZTV?

The Digital Migration deadline is around the corner and there are changes that this change will bring, including the transformation of ZTV into a pay TV service. This looks like the final nail in the broadcaster’s coffin.

Is Zimpapers ready to become the next Naspers?

Local print media company, Zimpapers, has appointed a new CEO and Chairman. With changes like this, and the way tech is rattling the news and media industry, this could be the start of a new season for Zimpapers. Will the leadership be agile enough to catch the wave and turn the company into more than just a print media house? How achievable is it to become just like the giant Naspers?

Highlights from Comexposed 2015: Is this the dawn of a potential mega -industry?

As far as geek and nerd culture goes, it’s hard to top comic book fanfare. I say this, of course, with respect for anyone who’s got an intense passion for this line of creative thinking. Over the weekend, I caught a glimpse of that same enthusiasm and energy at Comexposed 2015. This was Zimbabwe’s (and […]

Forget Netflix, ZBC is launching Web TV

The digital migration deadline is less than 3 months away and while there are a lot of issues around what that will mean for local content creation and broadcasting, the unanimous agreement is that it is a very positive step that will help local broadcasting to at least catch up with modern trends. One of […]

Zim looks East for digital migration: BAZ signs on Huawei, says deadline will be met

What’s the latest on digitisation? There’s a lot of activity that we are starting to see regarding this project, but I’m one of the many people that have doubts that this going to happen on time. Still, the people involved are out to allay our fears. Today we attended a Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) media […]

The challenges behind digital migration: Why Zim won’t meet the ITU deadline

What is the latest on digital migration?  If the reports in the state media are anything to go by, everything is “on track” and we will be ready to join the rest of the world in migrating from analogue to digital broadcasting. But just how ready are we, really? We were told that the funds […]